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Ministry of Culture participates in the second edition of the Geography Week fair

Ministry of Culture participates in the second edition of the Geography Week fair
Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo 04/18/13

With the objective of disseminating the activities that its variousdepartmentsconduct, including those related to the traditional Dominican Carnival, the Ministry of Culture participated in the “Second Geography Week Fair,” which took place April 17 – 18, under the sponsorship of the Listin Diario and through its School Program Plan Lea (Read Plan).

She presented a plaque of recognition, which highlights the excellence and professionalism with which the artist has made the Dominican Republic known throughout Germany and the rest of Europe.

The opening ceremony and the event itself took place at the Crown Hotel Santo Domingo. They werechaired by journalist Fabio Cabral, Deputy Director of the Listin Diario. He was accompanied by Tomás Aquino Méndez, Chief Information Officer, and Rosario Vargas, head of the Plan Lea.

Ramón Lachapelle, Director of Cultural Management and Carnival, attended on behalf of the Ministry of Culture.The title of his lecture was “Cultural Identity.”

Since the startand throughout the fair, students from public and private schools and the general public visited the stand of the Ministry of Cultureseeking information. In addition, bookcollectionsby Dominican authors, classified under a diversity of themes, as well as samples of the Dominican Carnival, were exhibited.

The objective of this educational activity, which during its twentieth version developed the theme “Interconexión global, la geografía nos une (Global networking, geography unites us),” is to raise awareness among the national educational community about the importance of local and global geographic spaces.

In his speech, Fabio Cabral highlighted the enthusiasm shown by the participating companies and noted that, through the years, the Geography Week event has become an institution in the Dominican Republic.

He thanked the sponsorship of the following companies: FUNGLODE, Grupo Jaragua, the Propagas Foundation, Orange Dominicana, the Cibao Association, the Pan American Institute of Geography and History, and the Department of Geography of the Central Michigan University, in the United States, among others.

The following conferences took place in the framework of the event:”Promoviendo y desarrollando el turismo del país (Promoting and developing tourism in the country),”by Miguel Calzada; “Mas es mejor –La Biodiversidad somos todos (More is better – Biodiversityisus all),”by Eladia Gesto; “Mecanismo de financiamiento sostenible para la conservación (Sustainable financing mechanism for conservation),”by Cesar Rodríguez; “Ecosistemas acuáticos (Aquatic Ecosystems),”by Ángela Hernanz ; “Guía de capacitación en educación ambiental y cambio climático (Training Guide for environmental education and climate change),”by Francis Santana; “Identidad Cultural (Cultural Identity),”by Ramón Lachapell; and”Los recursos naturales (Natural resources),”by Víctor Ross.

Ministry of Culture participates in the second edition of the Geography Week fair

The Deputy Director of the Listín Diario, Fabio Cabral, during his speech. He is accompanied by Rosario Vargas, head of the Plan Lea (Read Plan).

Ministry of Culture participates in the second edition of the Geography Week fair

Since the opening of the Second Geography Week Fair, dozens of students and the general public have visited the stand of the Ministry of Culture, seeking information.

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