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Sr Reyes and Marel Alemany’s “Good Vibes” Concert will be recorded on DVD

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Sr Reyes and Marel Alemany’s “Good Vibes” Concert will be recorded on DVD

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The concert given by Sr Reyes and Marel Alemany next Friday, August 31st, will be recorded on a DVD titled “Santo Domingo de Noche” (Santo Domingo at Night).
The audiovisual project intends to compile the most euphoric moments throughout the performance of these two great representatives of urban music.

Besides performing at the concert, Sr Reyes is also its general producer. According to him, this event represents a Santo Domingo’s Rock movement effort to promote and present innovative proposals to its followers.

This Friday’s concert titled “Good Vibes”, which has a promotional poster inspired in the movie “Good Fellas”, is sponsored by Presidente Beer and Marlboro.

Sr Reyes stated that up to this moment, the plan is to offer this DVD to the public in future performances. Likewise, he expects to finalize negotiations with two recording labels to release and distribute the DVD, which would launch his work in every store in the city.  

Furthermore, he stated that in addition to the concert, the DVD will also include Sr Reyes’ comments while recording his new production at the studio. This album will be released by the end of September along with the DVD.

In relation to the concert 

Reyes, who started his local rock career with the band “La Gente”, has put all his effort to organize an event that will be at the level of the public that will attend.

“We are confident that the public will support this initiative, as it is an event of great dimension that presents the best of us as artists”…stated the singer of “Ska & Ron”.

On the other hand, Marel Alemany promised to sing some of his new songs in addition to his regular hits. His latest songs will be recorded in his next album, which hasn’t been named yet.  

The singer of “Mi Animal”, and “Nada” informed that “Good Vibes” will be one of his last concerts this year, since he wants fully dedicate to the recording of this new album.

In addition, he sees in Sr. Reyes one of the most valuable emerging talents in local rock. He highlighted the diversity in his music and anticipates a future of great achievements for the singer.

Regarding his participation, Alemany, who gave himself a name at the opening of the 2003 Pedro Guerra and Ismael Serrano concert, promises a great show. He added that the “Patio de la Moneda” will allow a great performance due to its size.

Information card:

Activity: “Good Vibes”
Characteristics: Concert
Venue: Patio de la Moneda
Date: August 31st, 2007
Time: 9:00 PM
Featuring: Marel Alemany and Sr Reyes
Cover: RD $250 P/P
Sponsors: Presidente and Marlboro

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Date Posted: August 28, 2007

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