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“The Internet is to Blame”


“The Internet is to Blame”

A group of well-known Dominican actors who reside in New York City will present the play “The Internet is to Blame” in Santiago and Santo Domingo from August 15th to the 18th.

The cast of the theatre company United Latin Artists in New York (ALUNY) is composed by Dominicans Daya Robles, Francisco Rosario, Benjamin Garcia and Pedro Zorrilla and directed by Fior Marte. The first two performances on August 15th and 16th will take place at the Gran Teatro del Cibao, while the shows on the 17th an 18th of the same month will take place at the Casa de Teatro.

This is about a light comedy where the main source of humor is a young man who perceives work as a misfortune. Lupito is such a slob that he gets tired of just watching other people work. However, he meets a girl (Maria Ines) through the internet and engages into an emotional relationship with her.

The girl’s parents (Maria Ines and Cleto) demand that whoever wants to marry their daughter must come from a wealthy family. Slothful but clever Lupito makes up a story in which he has a rich aunt in Italy called Doralina Calzone widow of Peperoni. The story gets complicated when the girl’s parents ask him to invite his wealthy aunt to spend a day with them.

For more information:
Gran Teatro del Cibao
(809) 583-5011
Casa del Teatro


Posting Date: August 13th, 2007

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