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Retazos…” by Journalist Xiomara Taveras Launched at Book Fair

"Retazos", de la periodista Xiomara Taveras, se presentó en la Feria del Libro
Retazos…” by Journalist Xiomara Taveras Launched at Book Fair

Xiomara Taveras Henríquez, journalist and poet, was in the company of a large crowd of supporters, friends and family when she launched her new book of poems, “Retazos…” (“Snippets”) at the XVII International Book Fair 2009 which was dedicated this year to Professor Juan Bosch with Brazil as the Guest of Honor.

“Retazos” es una compilación de vivencias que recoge la experiencia de la complicidad que conlleva estar enamorado. Es el despertar del sentimiento más puro que es el amor…

The publication of the book of poems took place at the Dominican Authors Pavilion and was attended by important personalities in the art and literary world such as well-known journalist and aspiring president of Acroarte, Cesar Dalmasí; Dr. Juana Acosta, and the writer and poet Papo Fernández, among others. 

The young Dominican writer and journalist lives in New York and chairs the Calzada Education Foundation along with other journalists. This is one of the poems in her collection and is titled “Sueños húmedos.”  (“Moist Dreams”)

I woke up today
Desperate to feel your skin
To rub my lips against yours
Feeling both of us come together
Making us one.
With my skin standing end, I woke up
Upon opening my eyes I see you are not here
You made me happy in my dreams
But I must go back to reality
And with it, to my sad life
Knowing that you are not here
What a sweet yet sad ending
I realized that only in my dreams
You made me reach the pinnacle of happiness.

“Snippets” is a compilation of experiences that reflect the complicity involved in being in love. It is the awakening of a pure feeling which is love and the very reason why so many people commit endless acts of craziness which after time motivate them to live,” said Taveras Henríquez about her book. Drawing and diagramming of the book was done by Pablo Garcia, for Ecce Buho. Photography was done by Monkey Pig. A CD was puto ut with the voices of well-known singers such as Tommy Jimenez (Without Secrets), Ninoshka, Willy Lapache, Drago and Sergio Vargas.

Taveras Henríquez directed the magazine Farandulife and was the space reporter for Cada Dia of the Telemundo network. She was a staff reporter of Aztec America. Later she directed her own radio program.

In 1994 she began to publish her poetry in several places. By 2005 she decided to participate in a European contest with her poem “Thoughts of Autumn” which was a finalist in the contest and ended up forming part of a collection of poetry called “Airs of Freedom.” She was the director for X Magazine. 

On her tour in the Dominican Republic, she has visited important media outlets, talk shows and magazines including: El Mismo golpe con Jochy, Para Contarte, TV Magazine, the Feliz Vinicio Lora show, Listin Newspaper, El Dia, Diario Libre, Simply Chavely, Just so You Know with Milciades Pichardo, This is the News with José Tejada Gómez, El Nacional, Hoy, among others. 

On Monday May 11, Ms. Taveras Henríquez will take her book “Snippets…” to the city of Moca, where she will share it with people from the community. They will gather along the July 26 promenade in an activity organized by the cultural committees in collaboration with Benjamín García. The event will be broadcast on the community radio station Moca FM.

Photo: Book Cover of Retazos


"Retazos", de la periodista Xiomara Taveras, se presentó en la Feria del Libro

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