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Music to Cure Your Soul at the Closure of the II Dominican Global Film Festival

Música para curar el alma, en la clausura del II Festival de Cine Global Dominicano

Music to Cure Your Soul at the Closure of the II Dominican Global Film Festival

 (Santo Domingo, November 24, 2008).

A group of men and women, mostly octogenarians, were doing what they always do to get out of their daily routines and to have fun singing.  But they don´t sing just for pleasure; they are very clear about their sense of responsibility and mission to spread a positive message with their music. 

“No nos llamen viejos, eso lo sabemos y no necesitamos que nos lo recuerden. Enseñen a los mayores que los rodean las cosas que quieran aprender y, sobre todo, ténganles mucha paciencia”

The applause from the audience mixed with the concert that was part of the documentary, Young@Heart. The choral group awakens emotions in all who see and hear them. They themselves say, “We´ve opened up the windows between the different generations.”

Alphaville´s “Forever Young,” “Purple Haze.” by Jimmy Hendrix; “Fix You,” by Coldplay; “Nothing Can Compare to You,” by Sinead O’Connor;  and “Schizophrenia,” by Sonic Youth are some of the songs this groups of friends sings which are available on their new CD.

The Main Hall of the National Palace, a full house, was the venue for the documentary which put an end to the II Dominican Global Film Festival on Sunday night, November 23.

The audience included senior citizens as special guests from the Bethel and April 24 residences and the Pro Senior Citizen Women´s Association had tears in their eyes on several occasions as they watched the film.

When the screening ended, several cast and chorus members present in the hall received a standing ovation from the audience. They included chorus members Lenny Fontaine, Dora Morrow, Steven Martin and Patricia Erving along with the choral director Bob Cilman and film director Stephen Walker. They held an interactive session with the audience. Young and old viewers alike expressed their happiness with the film and congratulated the singers and filmmakers for their work.

“They call us old but we already know this and don´t need to be reminded. Surround the elderly in your lives with the things they want to learn and, above all, have lots of patience with them,” was Dora Morrow´s message when asked a question.


Film Festival Director, Natasha Despotovic, was on the stage with the film director Stephen Walker, the choral director Bob Cilman and the four marvelous singers of the group.

About the Ceremony

The activity began with a video screening showing the results of the II Dominican Global Film Festival in each of the participating cities. Films, panels, workshops, and master classes all made it onto the documentary
Natasha Despotovic, in her capacity as Festival Director, thanked everyone for their support and opened up the invitation for the third edition of the Festival to be celebrated in November 2009.

At the end of the ceremony the guests enjoyed a performance given by the “La Perla Sonera” Sound Group and a dance exhibition given by several couples from the National Sonera Club. They put on the “Sound: Dance and Style,” show which got people in the audience tapping their feet to the rhythm.  

speechRead the complete speech of the Genral Director Natasha Despotovic, on the Closing Night>




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