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“Crime”: New film about the Mirabal Sisters

“Crime”: New film about the Mirabal Sisters

Once again the tragic but exhilarating and moving chronicle of the Mirabal sisters has inspired a new film, this time directed by Etzel Baez. “Crimen”, as it has been named, is based on the murder of Patria, Miverva and Maria Teresa Mirabal during the dictatorship of Rafael Leonidas Trujillo.

The cast of “Crime” will be composed of TV hosts, Ivan Ruiz and Carlos Alfredo Fatule, who will play Leandro Guzman and Manolo Tavarez Justo, respectively. The role of Trujillo will be performed by actor Frank Muñoz, while Juan Lamur will take the part of driver Rufino de la Cruz, who was also murdered in the same event, on November 25, 1960, when they were returning from Puerto Plata to Salcedo.

In addition, Mónica Sepúlveda (Minerva), Rosanna Pujols (Patria), Laura Gómez, Helen Núñez and Richard Douglas among others, will participate in the film.

It is anticipated that the film will play in movie theaters next November. This is the second film, of Dominican making, about the Mirabals, in addition to the one produced and starred, in 2001, by Salma Hayek, “En el tiempo de las mariposas” (In the Times of the Butterflies), based on the book with the same title, by Julia Alvarez, author of Dominican origin.


Date of Publication:  May 23, 2006


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