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US Commerce Secretary Confirms Tangible Results in Dominican Business Climate

Commerce Secretary of the United States, Carlos Gutiérrez, used the Dominican Republic as an example of one of the Latin American countries that has achieved “tangible results” in its business climate that “will have an impact” on the country’s competitiveness.

…“in the Dominican Republic the time required to register property has dropped from 107 to 60 days which facilitates the financing and formation of small businesses…”

Speaking at the Competitiveness Forum of the Americas , Mr. Gutiérrez, a Bush Administration official, said “in the Dominican Republic the time required to register property has dropped from 107 to 60 days which facilitates the financing and formation of small businesses. These are tangible results that will have an impact.”

He affirmed that our advances in this area are among “the best” experiences “since the last meeting” of the Competitiveness Forum held in 2007. These positive comments of Gutiérrez help the country’s image in terms of competitiveness, said Andrés van der Hosrt Álvarez, Executive Director of the National Competitiveness Council.

“This mention of our country as one of the examples to be followed to improve competitiveness gives us great delight because it indicates that we are on the right road,” said van der Hosrt Álvarez.

Forum of the Americas 08

The Competitiveness Forum of the Americas is an initiative of the Commerce Secretary of the United States and was held in Atlanta this week. Representing the National Competitiveness Council (CNC), Antonio Rodriguez Mansfield attended the meeting.

Rodríguez Mansfield presented the Dominican experience at a Latin American Competitiveness Advisory Counsel panel. In this context, the CNC was considered to be unique in that it is the only public organization of its kind among all the participating countries.

Representatives from the United States , Mexico , Brazil , Colombia and other Latin American nations attended the meeting of the Advisory Counsel.

In another work session of the Competitiveness Councils, the conclusions of a preliminary study being carried out by Chemonics International were released. The study analyzed the work being done by these organizations in the region in an effort to decide whether to establish an advisory network.

Mr. Rodríguez Mansfield referred to the necessity of defining the economic sustainability of these organizations so that they are able to provide continuity and follow-up for efforts that are undertaken. It was agreed that in the next Competitiveness Forum of the Americas 2009, greater details necessary to achieve that objective will be placed on the agenda.

A Chemonics International speaker said that sustainability is a critical aspect of the Councils, as is access to resources. He stated that he shares the need for the creation of national funds as a mechanism to help overcome this limitation.

The Forum also analyzed, among other topics, the global image of Latin America , the perspective of leaders in terms of competitiveness in the region, the development of tourism as an engine for competitiveness and strategies to diversify tourism. They also talked about the future of the western hemisphere and chain supply strategies within the textile and clothing sector as well as the strengthening of commerce among the small and medium size businesses, known by its Spanish acronym, PYMES. 



Date of Publication: August 24, 2008

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