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Exhibit “Monte Adentro con Lucía” Now Open at the Palace of Fine Arts

Santo Domingo, September 4, 2019 – The Ministry of Culture and the General Directorate of Fine Arts announced the opening this Thursday, September 5, of the exhibit “Monte adentro con Lucía,” where plastic artist Lucía Marte presented her latest artistic creations. The exhibit formally opened at the “La Rotonda” Hall at the National Gallery of Fine Arts in Santo Domingo.

Artist Lucía Marte´s latest exhibit consists of 496 sketches and 40 color drawings. The artist´s main theme is based on life in the countryside and nature scenes from some of the country´s most beautiful rural areas. Many of the drawings depict farmers, women from the countryside, animals and fruit, to mention just of the few characteristics of the Dominican countryside.

Artist Lucía Marte, who is also a cultural manager, is a graduate of the National Fine Arts School where she took specialized courses and won various awards for her works. She has carried out local workshops and researched recycling techniques and the use of paper to produce some of her sculptures.

For the artist, this new exhibit is about “…reliving some of the happiest moments of my infancy…and a way of once again finding the various colors, flavors, aromas and a host of feelings that can only be felt in the heart of a forest…”

Art critic and director of the National Fine Arts Gallery, Marianne de Tolentino, also stated that Lucía Marte is an intuitive and passionate artist, who “…aside from her creative talent has a profound connection to environmental issues and listens to their interior voices. She respects with reverence everything related to nature, without exception.”

Director Tolentino also highlighted the work carried out by Salvador Bergés, who turned the Gallery of Fine Arts into a magical piece of the “deep forest,” where Lucía Marte´s people, fauna and fruit live.

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