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Minister of Culture States: “UNESCO’s Decision to Declare Bachata Music as a Patrimony of Humanity Makes All Dominicans Proud

Santo Domingo, December 19, 2019 – Upon hearing the news that the U.N. Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) had declared Bachata music and dance as a patrimony of humanity, Dominican Minister of Culture Eduardo Selman stated that the country is thrilled with the decision.

“This decision will strengthen the identity of Dominicans throughout the world.  We are thrilled with this decision,” expressed Minister Selman after the news was officially announced by the U.N. organization.  The decision was adopted during a UNESCO meeting in Bogotá, Colombia.

Minister Selman also stated that the time to recognize the creativity of Dominican musicians had finally arrived.  For decades, local talent has successfully developed the sounds that today characterize Dominican music throughout the world.

He also stated that all Dominicans should be congratulated because they were the ones that created a unique style of dancing Bachata music.  The Bachata sound is a rhythm charged with enthusiasm and sensuality, captivating thousands of music lovers throughout the world.

“We have the Merengue, also declared a Patrimony of Humanity, and today we have the honor of receiving the news that the Bachata has also been distinguished with this honor.  They are two great rhythms, extremely popular in our country, that have managed to cross our borders and captivate the world.  This is a way of projecting our possibilities of success in the world.”

He also explained that UNESCO made its decision to declare Bachata a patrimony of humanity because “it is a musical expression that is danced to and concluded that the Bachata “is a musical rhythm and dance that is always present in community events or in social gatherings.”

The Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Heritage met in the capital city of Colombia, where it made its decision.  A Dominican delegation, headed by Dominican UNESCO Ambassador Jose Antonio Rodriguez, participated in the meeting.  Both Minister Selman and Ambassador Rodriguez had worked arduously to have the Bachata declared a patrimony of humanity.

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