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Technology Impacts International Industry of Restaurants

Santo Domingo, July 17, 2019 – The impact of new technologies on the restaurant industry was recently discussed by Diego Coquillat, an international expert on this important issue during a conference sponsored by the National Vocational Institute (INFOTEP). The goal of the event was to contribute to the innovation plans spearheaded by the country’s hotel industry.
Coquillat, who has researched the impact technology has had on the transformation of the restaurant industry, highlighted that for the first time in history people can connect with food through technology and that, together with digital shopping practices, restaurants have become an essential element in the food pyramid of the world’s population.
The conference was open to the general public, as pointed out by INFOTEP director Rafael Ovalles during his introductory remarks to Diego Coquillat’s conference. Coquillat is a renowned professor in various universities and institutions in Spain.
“While we support an industry based on new international standards, we want consumers to use these technologies as they relate to the restaurant industry,” explained Ovalles.
He also explained that with these events INFOTEP supports the efforts the country is carrying out to transform its national gastronomy into a national brand.
“Our tourism industry, and therefore the restaurant sector, is thriving and is permanently involved in innovating its processes. This increases the sector’s prestige, guarantees customer satisfaction, and guarantees the economic soundness of the business itself,” he further explained during the opening of the conference.
The Keynote Presentation in Five Variables
Expert Diego Coquillat discussed technology, independent restaurants and the situation of chefs. He based his analysis on the way the hotel sector has changed in the last 20 years, supported by five variables.
The first variable mentioned is that the restaurants must position themselves within the digital industry, because it is a way for consumers to contact the business. The expert further explained that restaurant doors are no longer the traditional doors, but rather the digital doors.
The second variable is the experience lived by restaurants that have become shareable. “We call the sharing of the restaurant experience in social media outlets, digital tips, because the customer can share their experience through a photograph, or recommend the restaurant,” explained Coquillat.
In his third analysis point, Coquillat discussed the digital prestige. On this issue he referred to the way restaurants have measured their reputation through the social media outlets they receive. This is a crucial point in bringing in new clients.
Coquillat also spoke on the need to understand that the past context has changed, and the relationship with clients has narrowed. “The client is not a client simply when he or she is inside the restaurant. It begins before the client actually arrives at the restaurant because it begins through the media outlets which, at some point, the person will share with someone else,” he explained.
He highlighted that technology allows customers to connect with the restaurant in a quick and efficient manner, based on the nutritional and lifestyle of the customer.
Coquillat concluded his keynote address with the following thought: “More and more people will continue to eat in restaurants, a reason why [these facilities] should have updated information, opt for healthy lifestyles and promote respect for the environment and the protection of the planet. The new challenge faced by restaurants is to strengthen healthy lifestyles.”
Other participants that accompanied INFOTEP director Rafael Ovalles during the event was Minister of Labor Winston Santos, and former president of the institution’s Board of Directors. Others included trade unionist Gabriel del Río Doñé and Luis Felipe Aquino, dean of APEC University’s Tourism Department.
A Luncheon-Conference
In another event, this time held during a special luncheon hosted by INFOTEP, Diego Coquillat spoke on the digitalization process of the hotel and restaurant sectors.
The goal of the activity was to encourage productivity and competitiveness of the country’s most important economic sectors, especially the tourism industry.
Participants included business sector representatives, government officials and INFOTEP board members. The tourism sector was represented by Paola Rainieri, current president of the Association of Hotels and Restaurants (ASONAHORES), and the Association of Industries of the Dominican Republic was represented by Celso Juan Marranzini. Also present was the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Nelson Toca Simó.
Strengthening the Tourism Sector
With the conference titled «Digital Transformation: A New Era for Restaurants,” INFOTEP continues to provide specific training to strengthen the knowledge of those that work and teach in tourism-related areas in order to prepare the human capital needed to make this one of the country’s strongest economic sectors.
INFOTEP currently operates the School of Hotels, Gastronomy and Bakery in Higuey Province, in the country’s easternmost region; the creation of the National Center for Vocational Training, and continues to offer conferences, special degrees, workshops for chefs and executives from the tourism sector.

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