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The Life and Work  of Lupo Hernández Rueda Honored During

Santo Domingo, April 23, 2018 – Honoring Dominican poet and writer Lupo Hernández Rueda must not stop with his exquisite and extensive literary production, but should continue with the contributions he made to various generations of national and international writers.

He was one of the key figures of the Dominican Generation of ’48 that, upon the downfall of the Trujillo dictatorship, headed a movement to publish essays, poems and prose referring to the events that took place during that difficult time in Dominican history.

Hernández Rueda died last year, soon after his 87th birthday.  However, his legacy will continue for generations to come.

The Ministry of Cultural and the General Directorate of the Book Fair have honored the lifelong achievements of Hernández Rueda in Dominican literature.  Minister of Culture Pedro Vergés presided over the opening ceremony of the special pavilion built to honor his trajectory, accompanied by the author’s family, friends and admirers.

The Life and Work of the Honored Author

During the special ceremony, Carlos Gabriel – the son of the honored poet and writer – shared with all those present special and significant moments of the author’s life.

His widow, Gloria Contreras, also stated that she still feels his presence in their home and that even though he is not physically there she will always love him.

As soon as the visitor enters the pavilion it is impossible not to notice some of the phrases made popular by Hernández Rueda, or not be surprised by the extent of his literary production.  The pavilion is also decorated with a gallery of photographs and paintings that depict the life and times of the author, attorney, professor and politician.

The Lupe Hernández Rueda Pavilion was officially inaugurated by Minister of Culture Pedro Vergés, who was accompanied during the event by family, friends and admirers of the poet, writer and attorney.

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