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Digital Content: A Strategy for the Promotion of the Country’s Gastronomic and Tourism Industries

Santo Domingo, February 19, 2019 – The use of engaging texts and attractive images to create interesting social media content – websites, various social media outlets and blogs – have become valuable tools for the promotion of gastronomic and tourism destinations.
State-owned institutions, educational centers, as well as restaurants, hotels and representatives from the gastronomic and Dominican tourism industries, are actively using these media tools to attract individuals who are looking for all sorts of destinations through the web.
Gastronomic tourism has become one of the latest worldwide trends, and this includes the Dominican Republic. Social media outlets are constantly reporting on what to eat and where to go. These platforms reach thousands of potential international and national visitors, as well as tourists who are looking for vacation destinations.
Restaurants, hotels, the private sector, producers and chefs have a wonderful opportunity through these social media outlets to offer their particular specialties and to position their services at the highest level. Thousands of website users make their vacation plans thanks to the information they find through these media outlets.
“More is written today on gastronomic issues and that’s why new websites and magazines are continuously going up to talk about this industry. Also, more newspapers and online dailies are giving much more space to gastronomic issues,” explained Elaine Hernández Pión, Foodblogger and gastronomic journalist. “It is important to give these individuals the necessary tools and techniques to interest the reader in our gastronomy,” she stated.
Hernández Pión, creator of the gastronomic blog and the social media character known as Bocatips, spoke on this important subject during the announcement of the 10th annual creative writing workshop “Creation of Gastronomic Content for Social Media Platforms.” The workshop is scheduled to take place on March 2, beginning at 9:00 a.m., at Caribbean Cuisine.
The three-hour workshop will include in its agenda how to create an interesting and creative online text on products and services, the strategic use of adjectives that add sensorial value to the text, and storytelling and copywriting for social media outlets, blogs, and online bulletins.

“The importance of preparing hoteliers, restauranteurs, chefs, entrepreneurs and journalists on the importance of creative and interesting writing on these issues is important in order to securely position Dominican gastronomy at the international level,” stated Hernández Pión.

The workshop is directed at journalists, marketing specialists, chefs, tourism students, journalism students, gastronomic influencers, foodies, bloggers, sommeliers, community managers and anyone interested in the attractive generation of text inspired on gastronomic issues.

The workshop is organized by Plato Grande, a communications and digital marketing agency that specializes in gastronomy and tourism.

Registration and payment may be done through the following website: or by writing directly to

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