A Sustainable Development Watchdog Initiative in the Dominican Republic

FUNDEMAR: Facing Challenges to Preserve Coral Reefs and Marine Systems

The mission of the Dominican Foundation for Marine Studies (FUNDEMAR), headquartered in the Dominican eastern city of La Romana is to contribute to sustainable development through research, education and projects that promote the conservation of coastal natural resources and marine life. Its projects include – but are not limited to – the preservation of coral reefs, the promotion of ecotourism and marine life, beach clean-up initiatives, and strengthening the commitment with local divers and communities. With the support of a network of volunteers, FUNDEMAR has developed structures that have proven to be a safe refuge for the growth, reproduction and increase in biodiversity, as well as providing protection from high tides and storms. For more information: please visit: http://fundemardr.org/

Contribution made by Jordana Vásquez, creator of www.UrbanOnSite.com and Project Manager of Efficient Energy and Sustainability in New York.

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