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Dominican Jazz Expert Presents First Book on Dominican Jazz

Santo Domingo, February 24, 2020 – After coming in as a second finalist in the Global Blog Awards 2019, Dominican jazz authority Fernando Rodríguez de Mondesert introduced his book Jazz en Dominicana- Serie de entrevistas 2019 (Jazz in the Dominican Republic – Series of Interviews 2019, unofficial translation). The book includes 11 interviews Rodriguez did last year with musicians and radio producers. All the interviews were posted on the

The book, published in English and Spanish, includes interviews with seven local musicians: Hedrich Baéz (pianist); Marcio García (pianist); Patricio Bonilla (trombone); Juan Francisco Ordoñez (guitarist); Alfredo Balcácer (guitarist); Josean Jacobo (pianist) and Vlade Guigni (percussion). Also, interviews with four radio producers: Alexis Méndez (Música Maestro), who also wrote the book’s introduction; Raquel Vicini (Besos y abrazos con Raquel y José); jazz expert and musician Cesar Namnúm, and Cesar Payamps (Espacio Universal).

The book takes an in-depth look at these talented musicians and producers, all key players in the Dominican Republic’s jazz universe.

The publication was highly applauded and was issued one of the award’s main prizes. The articles published in the blog were put together in this book, published by the Ukiyoto Publishing Company.

Jazz en Dominicana – Serie Entrevistas 2019 is available on Amazon. It features the Augmented Reality resource so that readers may be able to enjoy the music discussed in the interviews. There’s a QR code placed after each interview, which can be scanned through a QR scanner.

The book is available:

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