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Dominican Cultural Commission in New York City Honors the “Décima,” Popular Poetic Style Used Extensively by Dominican Poets

New York, March 2, 2020 – The Dominican Cultural Commission in New York City recently honored the poetic style known as the “décima” – a 10 verse eight-syllable poem – widely used by popular poets in the Dominican Republic. This time, the Commission’s Reading Circle in the U.S. honored poet Mariano García, from the north-central province of Moca.

The Commission, representing the Dominican Ministry of Culture in the U.S., held the event – titled “Speaking in Décimas: Honoring Dominican Popular Poetry -.” held the event on March 6, 2020 at the Commission’s Andrés Francisco Requena Hall, situated at 541 West 145th Street, corner of Broadway, in Manhattan.
“The goal of the Commission’s Reading Circle is to encourage the reading of Dominican writers by bringing together readers and writers to enrich the literary experience, support writers by purchasing their works and, overall, have a specific space where individuals can enjoy reading and culture,” explained Commissioner Carlos Sánchez. “Through the Reading Circle the Commission meets its goal of promoting reading and the works of Dominican writers.”
Benjamín García, Reading Circle director and coordinator of the Cultural Liaison Department, encouraged all those who enjoy this particular poetry style – as well as other literary styles – to participate in the Circle’s activities to learn much more about Dominican literature.

The Circle currently has six groups that meet in the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Yonkers, and in Lawrence, Massachusetts.
To join the Reading Circle, and for more information on the Commission, please write to the following address: or call 212-234-8149.
For further information, please call (212) 234-8149 or visit our website:
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Mariano de Jesús García Lizardo
Poet Mariano de Jesús was born in a small community of the province of Moca, Dominican Republic.
He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education, with minors in Social Sciences and Law. From an early age he became a community and cultural activist through his church group.
He worked in the country’s most important education radio program “Radio Santa María,” and with his wife founded the Alternative Educational Center.
In 1991 he founded the Cultural Department of Moca’s City Hall. He also worked on the creation of what has become one of the country’s most important Carnival celebrations.
He has also worked as an advisor in the Ministry of Culture and, in 2015; he was honored with the title “Historian of the City of Moca.”
Mariano Garcia has spent many years promoting the importance of rural culture.

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