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Dominican Embassy in Canada Celebrates National Independence Day and Closes Successful Art Exhibit

Ottawa, Canada, March 5, 2020 – The Dominican Embassy in Canada hosted a reception in Ottawa’s City Hall to mark the 176th anniversary of Dominican Independence Day. At the same time, the Embassy officially closed an art exhibit “Modern and Contemporary Dominican Art,” sponsored by the Dominican Customs Office’s Cultural Patrimony Foundation. The exhibit opened between February 20 through March 3. The Ministry of Tourism co-hosted the exhibit through its Tourism Promotion Office in Montreal.
Representatives from Canada’s Foreign Ministry attended the event, including Protocol Chief Stewart Wheeler and the Director for Central America and the Caribbean, Sylvia Cesaratto, who delivered remarks in the name of the Ministry of Foreign Relations. In her remarks, she highlighted the excellent bilateral relations both nations have carried out since 1954, when official diplomatic relations were established.
In his keynote remarks, Ambassador Pedro Vergés mentioned the various activities carried out by the Embassy during 2019, including a trade agreement with the entrepreneurial sector of the province of Quebec, an arts and crafts exhibit, a Dominican film festival, and a seminar on Non-Violence Against Women co-sponsored by the Canadian Senate. Also, agreements and events carried out with the following Canadian universities: Carleton, McGill and Concordia, as well as courses with the University of Mexico University extension in Canada.
Ambassador Vergés also mentioned the economic achievements of the Dominican Republic, the investments made by the government in the education and health sectors, the elimination of illiteracy, and improvements in the country’s highway system.
In regards to the country’s relationship with Canada, the Dominican diplomat stated that they are “extraordinary.”
He also mentioned the recently signed Memorandum of Understanding on trade and investment signed by both Foreign Ministries. “The Dominican government always works to improve the living conditions of our citizens and has made solid efforts to further the country’s democratic system and respect for human rights,” explained Ambassador Vergés.

During the reception guests enjoyed the presentation of Merengue and Bachata dancers and a rich Dominican buffet, prepared by the Dominican restaurant Bistro Alegría. National drinks were also served, thanks to the sponsorship of the Oliver and Oliver, Barceló, Macorix rum companies, and the popular Presidente and Canita beers. Other sponsors included Cortes Hermanos and Procigar.
Reception guests included representatives from the House of Commons and the Senate, as well as more than 50 members of the diplomatic corps, including the Papal Nuncio, France, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Turkey, Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Qatar, Cameroon, Philippines, Indonesia and Pakistan.
Also, representatives from the “Casa Juan Pablo Duarte” in Montreal, and a large representative group from the Dominican diaspora in Canada, specifically from Ottawa; “Herencia Hispana Quebec,” the Canadian Trade Facilitator Office; Ferme Trudeau, the Canadian International Council and the Canadian Commercial Corporation, among others.

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