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Ministry of Culture Opens Exhibit on the Writings of Juan Bosch

Santo Domingo, October 29, 2019 – The Ministry of Culture opened on Thursday, October 31, the collective exhibit titled “Graphic Celebration of the Writings of Juan Bosch.” The exhibit features drawings and engravings that highlight important moments or characters that appear in the short stories of Professor Juan Bosch, the Dominican Republic’s most prominent and internationally known writer.
The exhibit opened at the Capilla de los Remedios, one of the oldest parishes in the Americas and situated in Santo Domingo’s Colonial Zone.
Minister of Culture Architect Eduardo Selman, as well as other literary and cultural representatives, attended the opening ceremony.

Exhibit director Delia Blanco explained that the 12 drawings and engravings were produced by prominent Dominican artists, who used different techniques to express their graphic opinions on some of Juan Bosch’s short stories and novels.

The well-known Dominican artists whose works are exhibited are Amable Sterling, José Sejo, Inés Tolentino, Moses Ros, Lucia Méndez, José Pelletier, Marcia Guerrero, Kelvin Naar, Ezequiel Taveras, Cristóbal Rodríguez, Joan Jiménez and Leonardo Durán.

Highlights from some of Professor Bosch’ most important writings are represented in the works of art exhibited, such as Dos pesos de agua’, ‘La mujer, ‘Un bohío, Los socios, Los amos, La mancha indeleble, Entidad dual, La tragedia El funeral, El hombre que lloró, Camino real, and La bella alma de Don Damián.

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