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Ministry of Culture Opens “La Joya Home-Museum”

Guerra, Santo Domingo Province, May 9, 2018 – Representatives of the Dominican Ministry of Culture and from the “La Joya” municipal district recently inaugurated the “La Joya Home-Museum,” an initiative approved during the 2015 Third National Cultural Projects Initiative.

Mr. Angel Taveras, the Ministry’s Under Director of Provinces, and Juan Julio Blanchard, coordinator presided over the opening ceremony.

The museum will feature a special exhibit hall to celebrate traditional dancers and other cultural activities.  There will also be exhibit areas to feature photographs of ancestors and distinct objects and articles from the region.

During the Third National Cultural Initiative a total of 92 projects, distributed throughout the country, were approved.

During his opening remarks, Under Director Taveras stated that the Ministry of Culture and its authorities were instrumental in concluding this particular project, which will greatly benefit the municipality and its citizens.

He also explained that from that moment on the municipality’s cultural activities should increase because the region now has a cultural center where to hold these activities, and highlighted that the Ministry of Culture will continue to support all cultural activities planned by the municipality.

At the same time, Blanchard explained that “this project was approved and today, thanks to the Ministry of Culture, the community, and the municipality, there is a cultural space that will contribute to keep alive the cultural traditions and values of our ancestors.”

And added: “Without the contributions made by the Ministry of Culture it would not have been possible to open this museum.”

The museum features, among other items exhibited, a metal rod where, according to tradition, the country’s infamous dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo was jailed in the community in 1919.

During the opening ceremony, the community’s Tambourine Group, headed by Diomara de Jesús and Paula Basora, delighted invited guests with their innovative repertoire.


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