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Ministry of Culture Issues National Visual Arts Awards to Four Distinguished Dominican Artists

Santo Domingo, December 18, 2019 – Minister of Culture Eduardo Selman headed a moving awards ceremony this past Tuesday,  December 17, where four of the Dominican Republic’s most distinguished visual artists were distinguished for their lifelong artistic trajectory.

The artists honored during the event were plastic artists Jorge Severino and Amable Sterling, sculptor Bismarck Victoria and photographer Domingo Batista.

The event was held on the day the country celebrates the National Day of Plastic Artists.  The four Maestros honored received special diplomas and approximately US$20,000 each for their contributions to Dominican art.

Artists Jorge Severino and Amable Sterling were selected in the Painting category.  Domingo Batista in Photography and Bismarck Victoria in Sculpture. Many local plastic artists filled the lobby of the Ministry of Culture building during the event to express their support to their distinguished colleagues.

Minister of Culture said in his opening remarks that “the artists that are to be distinguished have in common their creative commitment in their particular artistic specialty to which they have dedicated their lives.  They are also distinguished for their exemplary attributes as Dominican citizens.”

“We should all be proud to share our nationality with these distinguished Dominicans, who with their art have taken us with them throughout the world as a nation of men and women who are intelligent and creative,” also stated Minister Selman.

Before the Minister’s remarks, art critic Marianne de Tolentino and member of the jury and director of the National Gallery of Fine Arts, also highlighted the fact that this time the National Visual Arts Award is not only recognizing one particular artist, but four at the same time.  In her remarks she read the biographies of the four artists.

The event organizers also explained the reasons why the four artists were chosen to receive the respective 2019 awards.

Four Artists Honored:

Jorge Severino:  Plastic artist Severino was chosen for his refined presentation on canvas of reality, history and myth.  He is the sole interpreter of the Afro-Antillean beauty, and for his special technique known as “White over White.”

Amable Sterling: Chosen by the jury for his absolute control of drawing, painting and anatomy techniques, and his overall commitment to teaching art to the younger generations.

Bismarck Victoria:  Defined as a conceptual sculptor and an expert on refined and voluminous lines, reaching monumental characteristics.

Domingo Batista: The jury defined Batista as a powerful, sensitive and poetic photographer, who continuously researches his object of attention.  His technique is perfect, bringing together light, nature and people.

The awards ceremony was held at the lobby of the Ministry of Culture.  Government officials, artists and distinguished artists were present during the event.

Since the founding of the Annual Awards in 1993 only one artist was chosen annually to receive the prestigious award.  However, beginning in 2019 the decision was made – as recommended by President Danilo Medina, who modified the decree that created the Award – to choose four artists rather than one.

The categories included in the modified decree were painting, drawing, sculptor, photography, video, engraving and installations.

Selection Committee

The jury, or Selection Committee, consisted of Minister of Culture Eduardo Selman, Maria Elena Ditrén, director of the Museum of Modern Art; Marianne de Tolentino, Director of the National Fine Arts Gallery; Miguel Gómez, president of the Dominican College of Plastic Artists; Pinky Landry, president of the Association of Art Critics; Juan Julio Bodden, president of the Association of Galleries of the Dominican Republic; María Amalia León, president of the Eduardo León Jimenes Foundation; Myrna Guerrero Villalona, director of the “Museo Bellapart;” Fidel Munnigh, director of the School of Art History of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo; and Abil Peralta, curator and advisor to the Chamber of Deputies.

National Visual Arts Award

The National Visual Arts Award is issued each year to representatives of the country’s visual arts community in recognition of their lifelong commitment to the arts and their contribution to the strengthening and development of national art. To date, the following renown artists have been issued this top honor award: Darío Suro (1993); Antonio Prats Ventós (1995); Fernando Peña Defilló (2010); Ada Balcácer (2011); Domingo Liz (2012); Ramón Oviedo (2013); Elsa Núñez (2014); José Cestero (2015); Thimo Pimentel (2016); Rosa Tavárez (2017) and  Iván Tovar (2018).  Awards have also been issued to top visual artists who have passed on: Gaspar Mario Cruz; Luichy Martínez Richiez; Clara Ledesma; Silvano Lora; Cándido Bidó; Paul Giudichelli; Gilberto Hernández Ortega; Guillo Pérez; Soucy de Pellerano; José Rincón Mora; Tony Capellán amd Danilo de los Santos.

Also, the award has as a primary goal to recognize the artist’s dedication and contribution to the artistic community, Dominican society and the young and future generations. It is a commitment made by the Dominican State to further strengthen and expand the visual arts of the Dominican Republic.

  • Artists Jorge Severino and Amable Sterling, Domingo Batista and Bismarck Victoria, accompanied by Minister of Culture Eduardo Selman and the Director of the Museum of Modern Art, María Elena Ditrén, as they receive their National Visual Arts Awards.
  • Minister of Culture Eduardo Selman delivers keynote remarks during the Awards ceremony.
  • Minister Eduardo Selman hands artist Jorge Severino his Award.
  • Amable Sterling receives his Award from Minister of Culture Eduardo Selman.
  • Photographer Domingo Batista receives his award from Minister Selman.

6.    Painter Bismarck Victoria receiving the Award from Minister Selman.

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