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Ministry of Culture Announces Santo Domingo’s VI National Theater Festival 2019

Santo Domingo, July 1, 2019 – The Ministry of Culture has announced the celebration of the “VI National Theater Festival of Santo Domingo 2019,” which will be held from September 5 through 15. Festival participants will include theater groups and companies, and national theater troupes.

The Ministry has explained that all those interested in participating in the annual event have from June 27 through July 26 to register.

The Festival is organized through the General Directorate of Fine Arts and the Festival System.

Dominicans from the diaspora will also be able to participate, as well as foreigners who have lived in the D.R. for five years or more.

At the same time, Festival organizers explained that participants must register original works that have never been presented in previous Festivals.

The members of the Festival’s organizing and selection committees cannot participate as producers during the event.

Regarding the various categories, the Festival organizers announced that special production for children will be accepted as well as plays for adults in various categories, such as street theater, performances, dance troupes, puppet theater and musicals.

Only works presented until May 2019 will be accepted, and the production itself should last a minimum of 45 minutes.

The Ministry also highlights a preference for street theater and Dominican plays. Producers and directors may only submit one project per person.

The selection committee is made up of five representatives from the theater sector, selected by the General Directorate of Fine Arts. This committee will be in charge of the selection of the national works that will participate in the Festival.

The selection committee takes into account the following: quality, exploration of new languages and the expressive resources put on scene.

All applicants must present the following documents: an internet link of the video of the work being proposed; photographs of the scenery and the director (500-1000 KB), press reviews, critique on the theater troupe and opinions on the overall setup of the play and the director.

Also, a poster and a program (presented on Word format), a summary of the play, technical requirements, reviews, letter of intent indicating the request to participate in the event, and understanding and acceptance of the rules of the event.

For more information please call 809-687-0504, extension 2124, or write to

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