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Short Feature Film by Dominican Producer Receives Third Place Honors in

Dominican Film Festival of New York 2018

New York, August 9, 2018 – La EntreViú, a short feature film written by Beto Cruz, a Dominican filmmaker from the Dominican north coast city of Puerto Plata, received the third place award issued by the Seventh Annual Dominican Film Festival of New York (DFFNY).

The Festival was held in late July in New York City, and the award winning film was featured July 28 and 29.

La EntreViú was filmed in the Big Apple and, aside from Cruz, other film participants included artists from Puerto Plata such as Antonio Rubio – an experienced actor who resides in the United States. Rubio interprets “Chu,” an important character in the film. The original musical score was composed by Nathanael González (NGF Music), while the film’s original logo was designed by Douglas Cruz-Ramos. The short film is an original idea of Dominican actress Maite Bonilla, who also directed the movie, co-wrote the script, and is the movie’s main character.

Beto Cruz explained that La EntreViú is based on the immigration issue. “The story gives a little more insight to the major question that has been an important discussion issue for a long time: What do we do with the immigrants? This is a very sensitive issue for all of us who abandoned our homeland and began to build new dreams in other nations.  That is what we tried to represent in this film.”

He expressed his joy after learning of the award, and indicated that “…by receiving this important award, aside from making us proud as Dominicans and [as citizens] from Puerto Plata, it motivates us to continue with our dreams no matter where we establish roots.  What is important is to believe in our capacity and continue to build our dreams.”

The young artist said that between November of this year and January of 2019 La EntreViú will be exhibited in Puerto Plata so that everyone in the north coast city can enjoy the production.

La EntreViú was one of 88 films presented by Dominicans and members of the diaspora during the Festival, celebrated in the borough of Manhattan at the AMC Empire 25 in Times Square.

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