Constitution: Characteristics and Structure

Constitution: Characteristics and Structure

Generally, it can be said that the Dominican constitutions have been written as one document, rigid and of medium length. On the latter, the Dominican constitution does not follow Napoleon’s opinion, that “the constitution should be short and obscure”. Still, we have had some brief constitutions, like the 1872 constitution, which only had 72 articles.

The structure is in an section that organizes public powers, there is one section that is dogmatic regarding the declaration and protection of human rights and public liberties, while a third section discusses constitutional reform or revision procedure.

The reformed constitution of April 29, 1963 introduces social constitutionalism to the country and contains a marked declaration of fundamental principles, among them the consecration, in article 4, of the social function of private property, when it states “As a general rule, property should serve the progress and well-being of the whole.” It gives equal importance to labor, as in article 2, ab-initio explains: “The existence of the Dominican nation is founded principally on labor; this is declared as a principle foundation for its social, political and economic organization, and establishes an inescapable obligation for all able Dominicans.”

Political Constitution of the Dominican Republic of 2002 (PDF Format)

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