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Jazz Singer Anthony Jefferson Releases his Latest CD “All I Am” Also Announces an Upcoming Concert

Santo Domingo, January 11, 2019 – Well-known jazz singer Anthony Jefferson, known as the ¨King of Jazz of the North Coast,” has a very special gift and charisma that comes through in each of his musical presentations, based basically on Jazz, Blues and other musical genres.

In February Anderson recently announced that he will present his latest release “All I Am” in a special concert to be held at the Hard Rock Café, in Santo Domingo’s high-end Blue Mall Shopping Center.

Jefferson will be accompanied on that special concert by American pianist Corey Allen; Federico Méndez (guitar); Pengbian Sang (base); Sly De Moya (percussion) and Carlito Estrada (sax). His special guests that evening will be Dominican singer Patricia Pereyra and crooner Gustavo de Hostos. They will be in charge of presenting the production.

Anthony Jefferson lives, breathes and exemplifies everything that is good about humanity. Born in New Orleans, as a child he began to sing in an environment surrounded by music rich in Jazz, Blues and contemporary R&B. His musical studies fine-tuned his musical artistry.

ALL I AM is a selection of 11 very special songs that express passion and romance in their music and letters. The outstanding musical arrangements were produced by renown American pianist, composer, musical arranger who brings out the best in Anthony Jefferson’s vocal qualities.

Also, Jefferson brings together various cultures in this production. For example, the traditional and classic “Besame Mucho” is simply outstanding in this production, because it brings together the “Bolero” genre with an R & B background.

The production also presents one of the country’s most recognized jazz vocalists Patricia Pereyra who will perform “In the Presence Of,” performed by trumpet player Mark Rapp. Jefferson’s lyrics reveal his special relationship with the Moon.

Another special duo will be between Gustavo de Hostos, who will perform Carole King’s “You´ve Got a Friend.” But, by far, it is “Willow Weep For Me” the piece that magically brings together the tremendous connection between Corey and Anthony.

This will surely be an evening that will delight all those present, and all those who enjoy this specific musical style of music. And with Anthony Jefferson, there is always room for even more surprises!

The event is produced by Fernando Rodriguez de Mondesert, from “Jazz en Dominicana!”

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