Zone VI

Zone VI

Defined by Decree 91-94, on March 31, 1994, this region comprises the Samaná province. This touristic area is located in the northeastern side of the country, and it is a fertile land enriched with mineral deposits.  Its natural conditions and incipient development of an adequate touristic infrastructure, forecast a solid and sustainable economic and touristic development of this zone. 

Samaná was founded by Governor Francisco Rubio y Peñaranda. It occupies a territory of 989 km2 and has a population of 75,253.
With an arm of land reaching into the sea, as a sign of a friendly invitation, Samaná invites tourists to witness the richness of its soil, covered by white, pink, green and gray marble. Reminiscent of the cretaceous period, Samaná’s marble supplies the entire industry in Santo Domingo.

Its numerous lakes, panoramas and bay, immerse visitors in a pleasurable experience as they await the opportunity to watch humpback whales. These make their appearances each year, from January to March, when they flee the Arctic regions to procreate and care for their young in the Banco de la Plata Sanctuary and La Navidad Bay.  

Up ahead, in Las Terrenas, we find the joint work of natives and foreigners, who enchanted by the magic of the region, have developed an appropriate touristic infrastructure, with excellent installations of hotels, as well as modest inns and comfortable cabins for their guests.  They also offer facilities and guides for aquatic sports. The zone can be reached by air, land or water.

Las Galeras is another one of this province’s touristic areas that stands out for its attractive coast and vegetation.  The palm trees and crystalline water privilege its surroundings with colors that are unique to this area. Small hotels offer top quality services in an atmosphere of absolute tranquility and privacy.

Impressive and famous, the majestic “Salto del Limon” waterfall stands 40 meters high, 300 meters above sea level. Riding a horse to get to this secluded destination will be an incredible adventure that could end on a refreshing dive in the natural swimming pool created by the cascade.

Samana offers virgin beaches, keys, ports and a fascinating national park, Los Haitises, with its moist forest, ample diversity of flora and fauna, historical and cultural resources and, above all, its caves, which are enchanted by pictographs and petroglyphs.

The trip to “Cayo Levantado” (the raised key) is an unforgettable journey for all its visitors, due to the softness of its sand and turquoise, calm and shallow waters that invite to a very pleasant swimming experience.

The province’s gastronomy, which includes coconut as a fundamental ingredient, is another accent that stands out in the zone’s touristic offerings. The palm trees that cover the mountains and decorate the beaches as elegant sentinels give the region unique beauty.


Name Address Telephone/Fax Email/Website
Hotel Club Bonito Calle Principal, Las Galeras TEL.: 538-0203 FAX: 538-0061 HAB.: 21
Hotel Kiko Samana TEL.: 538-2565 HAB.: 12  
Hotel Tropical – Lodge Ave. La Marina , La Aguada TEL.: 538-2480 FAX: 538-2068 HAB.: 17
Hotel Villa Serena S.A. Playa Las Galeras TEL.: 538-0000 FAX: 538-0009 HAB.: 21
Aligio Beach Club Carretera El Portillo, Las Terrenas TEL.: 240-6155 FAX: 240-6169 HAB.: 80
Hotel Casa Marina Bay Las Galeras TEL.: 538-0020 FAX: 538-0040 HAB.: 250  
Hotel Cayacoa Loma De Puerto Escondido TEL.: 538-3131 FAX: 538-2985 HAB.: 82  
Hotel Gran Bahia Chinguela, Los Cacaos TEL.: 538-3111 FAX: 538-2764 HAB.: 113
Hotel Tropical Smile Samana Paraje Las Pascualas Km. 6 1/2 Carretera Sanchez TEL.: 686-9696 FAX: 686-8978 HAB.: 154
La Tambora Beach Resort Carretera Samaná Km. 10, Los Cacaos TEL.: 710-9227 FAX: 710-9227 HAB.: 70

Las Terrenas

Name Address Telephone/Fax Email/Website
Hotel Acaya Playa Bonita, Las Terrenas TEL.: 240-6161 FAX: 240-6166 HAB.: 16
Hotel Atlantis Las Terrenas, Playa Bonita TEL.: 240-6111 FAX: 240-6205 HAB.: 18
Hotel Punta De Oro Calle Punta Popy, Las Terrenas TEL.: 240-5065 FAX: 240-5065 HAB.: 16
Hotel Villa Caracol Calle Chicago Boss #23, Las Terrenas TEL.: 240-6078 FAX: 240-6342 HAB.: 40  
Inversiones Hotel Coco Plaza Las Terrenas TEL.: 240-6172 FAX: 240-6692 HAB.: 18
Tropic Banana Calle Las Playas, Las Terrenas TEL.: 240-6110 FAX: 240-6112 HAB.: 27
Cacao Beach Calle La Playa, Las Terrenas TEL.: 240-6000 FAX: 240-6020 HAB.: 205
El Portillo Beach Resort Las Terrenas TEL.: 240-6100 FAX: 240-6104 HAB.: 227
Guatapanal Bahia De Cozón Bahia De Cozón TEL.: 240-5530 FAX: 240-5536 HAB.: 144
Hotel La Isabela Playa Cozón TEL.: 476-0909 FAX: 616-1192 HAB.: 100  
Hotel Punta Bonita Beach Resort Playa Bonita, Las Terrenas TEL.: 240-6082 FAX: 240-6012 HAB.: 90
La Residencia Del Paseo Atrás del Paseo de La Costanera TEL.: 809 240-6778 HAB.: 43
Hotel Las Cayenas Kanesh Beach Las Terrenas TEL.: 809 240-6080 HAB.: 18  
Casas Del Mar Calle del Portillo
Emilio Prud’Homme #1
TEL.: 809 240-6617 809 360-2748 FAX: (en Francia): 08 25 19 63 30 HAB.: 8
Hotel Casa Grande  Playa Bonita, #1
TEL.: (809) 240-6349 HAB.: 5

Name Address Telephone/Fax Email/Website
Apartamento Playa Colibrí Calle Principal, Playa Colibrí, Las Terrenas TEL.: 240-6434 FAX: 240-6917 HAB.: 45
Oasis Residencial Calle Principal, Playa Colibrí, Las Terrenas TEL.: 240-5420 HAB.: 17  
Rancho De La Playa Calle Carmen #10, Las Terrenas TEL.: 240-6501 FAX: 240-6595 HAB.: 25
Residencial Las Palmas Calle El Portillo Esq. Veneluz, Las Terrenas TEL.: 240-6436 HAB.: 35
Villa Mar Arena Calle Carmen, Las Terrenas TEL.: 240-6064 FAX: 240-6347 HAB.: 23  


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