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Office of Vice President Opens “Youth Week” Featuring Art Exhibit on Strokes and Ink

The exhibit will be open for an entire month at the Dr. Margarita Cedeño Exhibit Hall at the Children and Youth Library of the Dominican Republic (BIJRD)

Santo Domingo, January 24, 2019 – With the opening of the exhibit “Strokes and Ink,” by artist
Guido Eusebio, Vice President Dr. Margarita Cedeño formally opened “Dominican Youth Week” in the Dominican Republic. The goal of the week-long event is to promote cultural, educational and artistic exhibits and events that will highlight the rights, responsibilities and realities of youth as important members of society.

By using pen-on-paper techniques, Eusebio painted 16 portraits of important Dominican personalities. The final product is a collection of hyper-realist portraits that capture the magic and specific characteristics of distinguished historic and present-day Dominican personalities.

The exhibit will remain open during the entire month of February in Dr. Margarita Cedeño Exhibit Hall at the BIJRD).

Library Director Dulce Elvira de los Santos explained that the simplicity of the resources used by the artist, his use of colors, shadows, composition, fine lines and expressive force are the characteristics that distinguish Eusebio’s works, who is also the head of the Library’s art workshops. Artist Eusebio has awakened the love of art among his students. He has encouraged their creative talents and encouraged patience, self-criticism, imagination, respect for the works of others, and expression of the outside world.
“The use of paper and pen reveals the artist’s creativity and talent. Through the use of lines he has managed to reveal the internal force of each of the individuals depicted in the portraits and who have played important roles in our national history,” explained de los Santos.
At the same time, artist Eusebio explained that he worked for an entire year on understanding and capturing the specific characteristics of such important Dominican personalities as television personality Freddy Beras Goico; social activist for the rights of peasants Florinda Soriano Muñoz, popularly known as “Mamá Tingó;” world-renowned Dominican singer/songwriter Juan Luis Guerra; writer Freddy Ginebra; baseball great David Ortiz; Vice President Dr. Margarita Cedeño, and Francisco Alberto Caamaño Deñó, a Dominican military hero who headed the rebel forces during the 1965 civil war.
Also, the Mirabal sisters – killed during the Trujillo dictatorship; Professor Juan Bosch; popular merengue musician merengue Johnny Ventura; national poet Salomé Ureña; Dominican film actress María Montez; National Poet Pedro Mir; Spanish missionary Antonio de Montesinos – who called for an end to slavery during the Colonial Period – and the Virgin of Altagracia, «protector and spiritual guide of Dominicans.”
“Why feature personalities from our national history? Because these individuals took great steps in our history that left strong footprints which have not been erased by time and will never be forgotten, just like the lines and ink on paper,” explained the artist.
Vice President Cedeño attended the opening ceremony, accompanied by the Director General of the social government-run program “Progresando con Solidaridad” (Prosoli), Altagracia Suriel; Matías Bosch, grandson of Professor and political leader Juan Bosch, as well as students and family and friends of the artist.
“Youth Week” is part of the activities planned by the BIJRD to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Founded in 2009, the goal of Vice President Cedeño was to create a center where Dominican children and youth could develop reading, writing and other cultural skills. The activities will also highlight National Youth Day, celebrated each year on January 31.

Since its founding, the BIJRD has sponsored some 40 exhibits, including expositions of important national figures such as Professor Juan Bosch, the country’s Founding Father Juan Pablo Duarte, among others.

About the Artist

In 2003 Guido Eusebio entered the National School of Fine Arts, where he was able to define and perfect his artistic talents. In 2004 he participated in the painting of a great mural that honored Dominican poets).
After completing his studies at the School of Fine Arts, Eusebio participated in the country’s annual International Book Fair, where he painted t-shirts and other objects using an airbrush. He also participated as an invited artist in the Merchants Exhibit, organized by collector Milton Lora, at the National Fine Arts Gallery, along with distinguished Dominican artists Cándido Bidó and Clara Ledesma, among others. He impressed both local artists and the general public with the works he presented. That same year, in 2012, he participated in a special exhibit dedicated to Dominican actress María Montez, where he painted a mural to honor the first Dominican actress to participate in the Hollywood film industry.
Other Activities
Other activities planned by the Library to highlight National Youth Day are a series of workshops based on youth-related issues. On January 25, young artist Jean Marie Fersobe will head a special workshop titled “Good for You!” The goal of the workshops is to promote such values as honesty, responsibility, solidarity, hope, respect for others, social justice, humility, peace, integrity, tolerance, respect, punctuality, loyalty and perseverance.

A special workshop on youth entrepreneurship will be held on Tuesday, January 29, at 4:00 p.m., led by coach Eugenia Gutiérrez, where participants will be able to develop special talents that will help them turn difficult circumstances into opportunities; make correct decisions; work to build peace initiatives and identify enemies that will hinder their personal growth.

On January 30, at 5:00 p.m., the winners of the Urban Music Talent Contest on Values will be announced. Organizers explained that urban music can be popular and successful with the use of positive lyrics.

On January 31, to officially close Youth Week, the BIJRD Theater Group, led by Indiana Brito, will present “The Little Prince,” at 5:00 p.m. in the Library’s “La Trinitaria” Auditorium.

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