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Gallery of Photos


Barahona is located on the southern end of the island, about 200 kilometers from Santo Domingo. This province enjoys beautiful plant life as well as lovely coastlines and beaches. Barahona is only place in the country where beaches (many of them untouched), mountains and rivers form a perfect combination of extraordinary natural contrasts.

Barahona’s main attractions are its lovely beaches, especially Quemaito, Paraiso, San Rafael and Los Patos to name a few. These last two are well-known for their perfect location between a river and the ocean. All of these beaches are protected by huge, verdant mountains. Instead of sand, tiny pebbles give these beaches a special look.

The famous Magnetic Hill is also found in this province.   In addition Barahona is also near Lake Enriquillo, Cabral Laguna, Oviedo Laguna, The Bay of Aquiles and other points of interest in southern Dominican Republic.

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