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“Areíto Cultural” Will Honor Espaillat Province at the Dominican Cultural Commission in New York City 

New York, March 1, 2020 – Under the title “To the Rhythm of my Province” the Dominican cultural organization “Areíto Cultural” honored the Dominican Republic’s Espaillat Province with the co-sponsorship of the Dominican Cultural Commission of New York City.
Ms. Miguelina Echevarría, president of the cultural organization, revealed that this is the fourth time the organization honors an important Dominican province. Previous provinces honored were San Pedro de Macorís (situated one hour east of the capital city); La Vega (in the country’s central region) and San Juan de la Maguana, a border region province.
In a statement delivered to the press Ms. Echevarría “…invited all Dominicans…to participate in the event so that they may enjoy the traditions, art, gastronomy, etc., of this important region of our country.”

During the event, historians and cultural experts delivered conferences on the “History and Culture of Espaillat,” delivered by Mariano García; “Strategic Plan of Espaillat Province,” delivered by province Governor Diloné Ovalles; and “The Tourism Potential of Espaillat Province,” by Rossy Torres, executive director of the province’s Tourism Cluster. 

Artists from the province, specifically from Moca – its most important city – provided the musical entertainment of the event. The artists included Jankarlos Núñez, Kicky Soul, Tito Rosario, Adalgisa Sánchez, Henry Castro, Víctor Maldo and Yanet Internacional.
Organizers also presented an art exhibit which included paintings and photographs, sponsored by the Office of the Senate of Espaillat Province.
The region’s gastronomic heritage was also present, and participants were able to enjoy the rich treats prepared.
The Commission is located at 541 West 145th Street, in the borough of Manhattan, in New York City.

Espaillat Province, whose name honors the memory of President Ulises Francisco Espaillat, is situated in the country’s north/central region.
For more information on the province, please visit the Commission’s website:
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