Gallery of Dominican Writers

Juan Isidro Jiménez-Grullón

Juan Isidro Jiménez

He was born on June 17, 1903 in Santo Domingo, where he completed his primary and secondary school education and enrolled in the Law School at the University of Santo Domingo. In 1923 he moved to Paris, where he received a medical doctorate. While in Europe, he had the opportunity to travel and network with personalities of the time, such as Jose Ortega y Gasset, Victor Raul Haya de la Torre, Jose Vasconcelos and others. There, he fell in love with political sciences and sociology. He returned to the country in 1929 and practiced his profession. He conspired against Trujillo´s tyranny, thus he was imprisoned for a year and a half. During an amnesty, he obtained freedom, and left the country in exile in 1935. He lived in Cuba and in other Caribbean countries for 26 years. It was in Cuba where he published his first book, “Luchemos por nuestra America”.  There, he also worked with Juan Bosch to create the Dominican Revolutionary Party. In 1940, he published his first historic-sociological book, “La Republica Dominicana, Analisis de su pasado y su presente”. Some of his important works are: “Una Gestapo en America”, “Al margen de Ortega y Gasset”, “Pedro Henriquez Ureña, Realidad y Mito” and “Anti-Sábato”, among others.  After Trujillo’s execution, he returned to the country and founded the Partido Alianza Nacional Social Democrata (Social Democratic National Alliance Party), which participated in the 1962 elections. In 1966, he joined the faculty of Sociology at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, having a profound impact on the students both in the classroom and as a thesis advisor.

In 1968, he declares himself in favor of Marxism-Leninism and starts to write what would later be known as his most prominent work, “Sociologia Politica dominicana”.

He passed away in Santo Domingo, on August 10, 1983.