Foreigners that want to enter Dominican territory should have in their possession a valid travel document (diplomatic, official, special, service or ordinary passport), which will be presented to the consular offices of the Republic in order to obtain a visa. Travel documents issued by international organizations can be presented (laissez-passer), as well as travel documents for refugees, which, in some cases are issued by the migratory authorities of each country.

According to Law No. 875 on Visas, foreigners that travel to the Dominican Republic should be in possession of a visa on their travel document, issued in one of our Consulates, with the exception of nationals of a country with which the Dominican Republic has agreements on visa exemption or nationals of countries authorized to travel to the country with a tourist card, as long as the reason for the visit is only for tourism purposes.

Without visa or tourist card (valid for foreigners that desire to enter the Dominican Republic and vice versa)

3.Corea del Sur
9.Principado de Liechtenstein
10. Uruguay

Without valid visa for those carrying diplomatic, official or service passports:

4.Costa Rica
5.Corea delSur
6. Colombia
7. Ecuador
8. El Salvador
9. Guatemala
10. Honduras
11. Israel
12. Japón
13. México
14. Marruecos
15. Nicaragua
16. Panamá
17. Perú
18. Principado de Liechtenstein
19. Suiza
20. Ucrania
21. Uruguay
22. República de China (Taiwán)

With tourist card (exclusively for tourism purposes):

1. Alemania
2. Andorra
3. Antigua y Barbuda
4. Aruba