¿What is FUNGLODE?

FUNGLODE is a private, non-profit institution dedicated to formulating innovative proposals of a strategic and timely nature on subjects of national interest, to raising the quality of the national debate and to producing public policies crucial to the governance and economic and social development of the Dominican Republic.

¿What is its Vision?

To be a center for pluralist thought that, through research and development, produces the best options for public policies that strengthen democracy and governance and that promotes the sustainable development and modernization of the Dominican Republic.

¿What is its Mission?

1. To research subjects vital to promoting human development and democratic strengthening of the Dominican Republic, based on national and international experiences, rigorous research, exchange projects, publications, conferences, seminars and workshops, among others.

2. To develop, together with other actors in society, public policy proposals and plans of action that offer responses to national problems, applying a multidisciplinary and integral focus, to the benefit of Dominicans residing in national territory and abroad.

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