Informal economy

In the Dominican Republic, the informal economy is of great importance. In 2000, 50.8% of all people in employment were working within the informal sector, and in 2005, this percentage increased to 56.2%. These figures, provided by the Social Information Unit (UIS) of the Technical Ministry of the Presidency, indicate, when these percentages are broken down, significant changes and increases in particular industries. In the case of agriculture and cattle farming informal employment increased from 81 to 88% between 2000 and 2005; within the construction industry, there was an increase from 77 to 85%; in commerce, there was an increase from 61 to 70%, and in the transport and communications industries, informal employment increased from 69 to 73%.

This informality in the employment markets in the Dominican Republic reflects a structural instability and represents yet another challenge for the Dominican government.

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