Culture of Dominican Republic

The voyage to a millennial past, the route that follows the future filled with inquiries and challenges, the account of local epopees and the connection in all directions that with time has established the insular home, mark the trajectory of the Dominican Republic culture and over five centuries of documented history.

Canvas of yesterday and today, museums and structures that speak of the fascist presence in the Caribbean, tropical postmodernism, indelible Taino evocations form part of this intangible heritage that provides identity to a land that becomes richer each day.

The cultural synopsis or cultural heritage of offers a few brush-strokes of this bountiful world that frames the Dominican Republic identity. The review introduces gastronomy (food) with its native and acquired flavors and aromas; the pluralistic and passionate vision that are left in the stories of artists of the brush and paint; the music that sometimes is merengue, bachata, mangulina and an amazing fan of rhythms. Also present in this abstract are the works that with wood, clay and concrete have given diverse profiles to towns and cities that, far from being completed, have just began to obtain definition. 

Many expelled, others gone for a variety of reasons--although always here in many ways-- part of us is planted overseas. But the land of migrants is also the land of reception; and from there comes another one of our accents.

The pages of the Dominican Republic culture fill a book that is written every second with local and global stories, insular and transoceanic. You will find more about arts and culture, food, painting and sculpture, architecture, cultural heritage, music, players from the Dominican Republic, major league baseball players, literature, arts and craft, and much more...

Cultural Heritage

Culture of Dominican RepublicPlaces of Interest in the colonial city of Santo Domingo: First Capital of America

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