Zone IX

Defined by Decree #199-99, of May 4, 1999, this zone comprises the municipalities of Nagua and Cabrera of the Province of Maria Trinidad Sanchez, and it is located in the Eastern Cibao Region, about 126 km from the Dominican capital. Of fertile soil, this zone produces rice, cacao, plantain and livestock.
The municipality of Nagua, main city of the Province of Maria Trinidad Sanchez, with a population of 60,749 and an area of 601 km2, has been visited by the sea so frequently that it has become an urban beach that attracts thousands of beach lovers all year around.

This zone presents itself as a potential attraction to the development of tourism due to its extensive beaches surrounded by full coconut palms, its caverns with underground rivers, its mountains, as well as its fishing and diving areas.

North of Nagua, we find the town of Cabrera with a population of 26,929 and an area of 273 km2. Cabrera is located at the beginning of the Bahía Escocesa (Scottish Bay) on the east side, where it greets the hope of a new day with every sunrise.

This beautiful coast has beaches of shallow waters and soft waves as well as cenotes suited for diving, among other water activities and sports. One important tourist attraction is the Parque Nacional Gran Laguna (Great Lagoon National Park), where mangrove forests abound.

Not too far from Cabrera and in front of the Atlantic is Cabo Frances Viejo (Old French Cape), bathed by the sun and crowned with an imposing lighthouse from where visitors can witness the charms of the place.


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Hotel Julissa Carretera Cabrera-Nagua TEL.: 589-7381 FAX: 589-7400 HAB.: 17