Zone II

Zone II was defined by Decree No. 2125, April 3, 1972 and contains the Puerto Plata Province, located on the northern seaboard of the Dominican Republic, occupying an area of 1,856 square kilometers for a population of 265,485 people.
The length of the seaboard known as the “Amber Coast” extends for more than 125 kilometers, through the mountains and next to the Atlantic Ocean, which borders its multiple beaches. It was on these lands that Admiral Christopher Columbus disembarked on his first voyage, and for the beauty of the landscape stretch before him, he exclaimed:

“The most beautiful land that human eyes have ever seen.”

It is a zone of abundant agricultural richness; tobacco, cocoa and coffee are the principal pillars of production and exportation.
In addition, the area of Puerto Plata is one of the world’s largest deposits of amber, the only semiprecious stone of plant origin, formed from a fossilized resin from prehistoric trees that, according to recent research, date back 15 to 25 million years.
Puerto Plata is the principal city in the province of the same name and a point on the tourist map for its history, its Victorian architecture, its beaches and its tropical landscape. It also has the Aeropuerto Internacional Gregorio Luperón, an excellent mode of access to the city and its surrounding.

The city was founded in 1496 by Captain-General Bartolomé Columbus and is located at the foot of the Loma Isabel de Torres, a peak that reaches some 902 meters above sea level, declared a national park, which one ascends by cable car that reaches the summit of the mountain, crowned by an imposing statue of Redeemer Christ, which, with outstretched arms, blesses and receives all those who visit.
Another tourist attraction is the Fortaleza de San Felipe, constructed between 1564 and 1577, to defend the city from the pirates and corsairs that raided it. The fort is also a sample of the military architecture of the colony, one of our most precious jewels from the period. In 1905, a building was annexed and used as a prison until 1961, and when it was demolished to begin the restoration of the old fort, which preserves important historical evidence.

The city’s downtown is known for its Victorian buildings that evoke the romanticism of the city, which reached the pinnacle of recognition in the late 19th century, when it was designated the interim capital of the Republic. In the Parque Duarte, recreation location for citizens and visitors, one can admire the gazebo or “glorieta” of fine woodwork. From there, one can make out the spires of the Iglesia de San Felipe, featuring the simple and provincial architecture typical of the region.

More than 11 kilometers of beaches supply this area with infinite options to satisfy the most demanding tastes. If one is looking for a popular environment, the Playa de Long Beach, favorite of the citizens of Puerto Plata, faces the boardwalk of the city.

To the west of Puerto Plata, the Playa de Guarapito can be found, with its half moon shape and crystalline waters, ideal for a day of enjoying sun and surf. The tiny Playa Cofresí is close to de Guarapito, and is surrounded by palms.

The tourist resort of Playa Dorada, surrounded by a spectacular strip of beach protected by coral reefs, is a key addition to the area and features a golf course.

The beaches of Maimón, Sosúa and Cabarete complete the offerings of this privileged area. In Sosúa, the beach and the town are both attractions, as both have intense activity by day and by night.

Cabarete is another attractive beach town, located between a bay and a lake, especially when its winds and cresting waves make it the ideal location for practicing windsurfing. Here, various championships for the World Cup of the Windsufing Association have been held. It is an excellent destination for sports and adventure tourism.

In the municipality of Río San Juan, we find the Laguna Gri-Gri, a fresh water lake from whose soil spring mangroves that cross their roots to trap a canal of mineral water, where they guard treasures, which have turned into a coral bank. The Cueva de las Golondrinas, La Piscina, El Caletón, Puerto Escondido and Playa Grande with its golf course (designed by the architect Robert Trent Jones Sen), give the tourist a sense of the natural magic of this place.

Puerto Plata

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Hotel San Rafael Calle 1ra. #15, Puerto Plata TEL.: 970-1162 HAB.: 20  
Hotel Village Calle R. Aguiar #1 TEL.: 320-8698 HAB.: 16  
Hotel Water Front Calle Dr. Rosen #1, Sosúa TEL.: 571-2670 FAX: 571-3586 HAB.: 27 H.Waterfront@Codetel.Net.Do
Puerto Plata Latin Quarter Calle Circunvalación Norte TEL.: 586-2588 FAX: 586-8646 HAB.: 52  
Sosúa By The Sea Calle Bruno Phillips #352 TEL.: 571-3222 HAB.: 91
Amhsa Marina Camino Del Sol Carretera Sabaneta Km. 6, Cabarete TEL.: 571-0894 FAX: 571-0892 HAB.: 170
Club On The Green Carretera Luperón, 2da. Entrada TEL.: 320-1111 FAX: 320-5386 HAB.: 336  
Coral Marien Proyecto Costa Dorada, Puerto Plata TEL.: 320-1515 FAX: 320-1414 HAB.: 332
Dorado Club Resort Complejo De Playa Dorada, Puerto Plata TEL.: 320-2019 FAX: 320-3608 HAB.: 165
Gran Ventana Beach Resort Playa Dorada, Puerto Plata TEL.: 320-2111 FAX: 320-4017 HAB.: 506
Hacienda Resort Garden Club San Felipe De Puerto Plata TEL.: 586-1227 FAX: 970-7100 HAB.: 160 Haciendasales@Codetel.Net.Do
Hotel Fun Royale & Fun Tropicale Playa Dorada, Puerto Plata TEL.: 320-4054 FAX: 320-6120 HAB.: 352
Hotel Heavens Playa Dorada TEL.: 320-5250 FAX: 320-4733 HAB.: 162 Hotel.Heavens@Codetel.Net.Do
Hotel Playa Naco Playa Dorada TEL.: 320-6206 FAX: 320-6205 HAB.: 414 Ho.Naco@Codetel.Net.Do
Hotel Puerto Plata Ave. Malecón Próximo A Montemar
TEL.: 586-4243 FAX: 586-5202 HAB.: 22
Hotel Puerto Plata Village Playa Dorada TEL.: 320-4012 FAX: 320-5110 HAB.: 386 Pvillage@Aacr.Net
Hotel Victoria Resort Playa Dorada TEL.: 320-1200 FAX: 320-4862 HAB.: 190

Hotetur Villas Doradas Beach Resort
Complejo Playa Dorada, Calle Principal TEL.: 320-3000 FAX: 320-4790 HAB.: 245

Iberostar Costa Dorada
Carretera Luperón Km. 2 1/2 TEL.: 320-1000 FAX: 320-3025 HAB.: 516

Jack Tar Village
Proyecto Playa Dorada TEL.: 320-3800 FAX: 320-4161 HAB.: 290

Occidental Flamenco Beach Resort
Complejo Playa Dorada TEL.: 320-5084 FAX: 320-9319 HAB.: 582 Ofpop.Gerencia@Codetel.Net.Do

Occidental Playa Dorada
Complejo Playa Dorada TEL.: 320-3988 FAX: 320-4014 HAB.: 501 Whrd.Pdh@Codetel.Net.Do

Paradise Beach Resort & Casino
Playa Dorada TEL.: 320-3663 FAX: 320-4858 HAB.: 438

Riu Bachata
Bahía De Maimón TEL.: 320-4000 FAX: 320-7792 HAB.: 592

Riu Mambo
Bahía De Maimón TEL.: 320-4000 FAX: 320-7792 HAB.: 454

Riu Merengue
Bahía De Maimón TEL.: 320-4000 FAX: 320-7792 HAB.: 544
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Aparta Hotel Vista Mar Calle #1, Los Cerros De Sosúa TEL.: 571-3308 FAX: 571-2900 HAB.: 50  
Club Villas Jazmin Calle Cristobal Colón #53, Costambar TEL.: 970-7010 FAX: 970-6011 HAB.: 24 Vacaciones@Codetel.Net.Do


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Coco Hotel Calle Alejo Martínez TEL.: 571-2184 HAB.:12  
Hotel Atlántico Calle Alejo Martínez #60, El Batey, Sosúa TEL.: 571-2367 FAX: 571-2367 HAB.: 10 Hotelatlantico@Codetel.Net.Do
Hotel Costa Liza Carretera Cabarete TEL.: 571-0920 FAX: 571-0355 HAB.: 62 Hotelcostaliza@Codetel.Net.Do  www.Alldr.Net/Costaliza
Hotel John Calle Doctor Moris #3, Los Charamicos, Sosúa TEL.: 571-1731 HAB.: 16  
Hotel Kaoba Calle Principal, Cabarete TEL.: 571-0300 FAX: 571-0879 HAB.: 69
Hotel Villa Taína Calle Principal, Cabarete TEL.: 571-0722 FAX: 571-0883 HAB.: 52
Hotel Yaroa Calle Dr. Rosen, Sosúa TEL.: 571-2651 FAX: 571-3814 HAB.: 26  
Isla Verde Beach Hotel Jardín Deportivo Cabarete TEL.: 571-0807 FAX: 571-0814 HAB.: 60 Islaverde@Codetel.Net.Do
Paraíso De Colón Carretera Sosúa-Cabarete Km. 1 TEL.: 571-3755 HAB.: 80
Piergiorgio Palace Hotel Calle La Puntilla #1, El Batey, Sosúa TEL.: 571-2626 FAX: 571-2786 HAB.: 51 Piergiorgio@Codetel.Net.Do
Sea Grape Beach Club Calle Camino Del Sol, Cabarete TEL.: 571-0789 FAX: 571-0651 HAB.: 170 Sea.Grape@Codetel.Net.Do
Casa Marina Beach Calle Alejo Martínez, El Batey, Sosúa TEL.: 571-3690 FAX: 571-1200 HAB.: 340 Cmreef@Codetel.Net.Do
Casa Marina Reef Calle Alejo Martínez, El Batey, Sosúa TEL.: 571-3535 FAX: 571-1200 HAB.: 378 Cm.Reef@Codetel.Net.Do
Estrella Del Mar Carretera Sosúa-Cabarete, Cabarete TEL.: 571-0808 FAX: 571-0904 HAB.: 164
Hacienda Tropical Plaza Cofresí, Puerto Plata TEL.: 586-1227 FAX: 970-7100 HAB.: 320
Hotel La Esplanada Sosúa Resort Calle Pedro Clisante, El Batey, Sosúa TEL.: 571-3333 FAX: 571-3922 HAB.: 222 Ohrdaesplanada@Codetel.Net.Do
Hotel Paraíso Del Sol Carretera Cabarete TEL.: 571-0894 FAX: 571-0892 HAB.: 319
Lti Sol De Plata Beach Resort & Villas Carretera Cabarete TEL.: 320-3600 FAX: 571-3389 HAB.: 471 Lti.Sdp@Codetel.Net.Do
Punta Goleta Beach Resort Carretera Cabarete, Cabarete TEL.: 571-0700 FAX: 571-0707 HAB.: 242
Sun Village (Ocean Palms Resort) Cofresí TEL.: 970-3364 HAB.: 234
Terraza Las Palmas Carretera Cabarete TEL.: 571-0780 FAX: 571-0781 HAB.: 76
Tropical Beach Club Calle Principal, Cabarete TEL.: 571-0930 FAX: 571-0704 HAB.: 46
Tropical Casa Laguna Calle Principal, Cabarete TEL.: 571-0725 FAX: 571-0704 HAB.: 81
Tropical Garden Club (Hotels Caledonia) Calle Igo Frío, Cabarete, Proyecto Jardín Deportivo TEL.: 571-0956 FAX: 571-0756 HAB.: 226
Tropical Goleta Beach Carretera Principal, Punta Goleta, Cabarete TEL.: 571-0940 FAX: 571-0941 HAB.: 114
Windsurf Resort Carretera Principal Km. 16, Sosúa-Cabarete TEL.: 571-0718 FAX: 571-0710 HAB.: 60
Sans Souci Beach Hotel Cabarete
Carretera Sosúa-Caberete
TEL.: (809) 571-0755 /
FAX: (809) 571-1542
Hotel Velero Beach Resort

TEL.:(809) 571-9727
Viva Wyndham Tangerine Cabarete TEL.: 809-571-0402 / (809) 562-6001
FAX: 809-571-9550 / (809) 221-6806 
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Apart Hotel Romanoff Calle Ayuntamiento, El Batey, Sosúa TEL.: 571-3242 FAX: 571-3241 HAB.: 56 A.Romanoff@Codetel.Net.Do
Aparta Hotel Caracol Del Caribe Carretera Sosúa-Cabarete TEL.: 571-0680 FAX: 571-0665 HAB.: 46
Aparta Hotel One Ocean Calle Ayuntamiento, El Batey, Sosúa TEL.: 571-3131 FAX: 571-3365 HAB.: 50  
Apartamentos Sans Souci Calle Principal, Cabarete TEL.: 571-0613 FAX: 571-0620 HAB.: 56 Sanssouci@Codetel.Net.Do
Hacienda Suite Calle Principal, Cofresí TEL.: 586-1227 FAX: 970-7171 HAB.: 88  
Hide Away Beach Resort Carretera Sosúa-Cabarete TEL.: 571-1861 FAX: 571-1763 HAB.: 15 Hideaway@Codetel.Net.Do
Orilla Del Mar Calle Principal, Carretera Cabarete-Sosúa Sabaneta TEL.: 571-0730 FAX: 571-0740 HAB.: 84 Orillamar@Codetel.Net.Do
Cabarete Palm Beach Condos Callejón Remigio López, Cabarete TEL.: 571-0758 FAX: 571-0752 HAB.: 16
Karisma Villas Del Mar Playa Cofresí TEL.: 586-1227 FAX: 970-7100 HAB.: 30 Hacienda.Venta@Codetel.Net.Do
Villas Karibik La Mulata #2 TEL.: 571-1455 HAB.: 50  


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Hotel Luperón Beach Resort Urbanización Ciudad Marina, Luperón TEL.: 571-9303 FAX: 571-8180 HAB.: 327  
Hotel Luperón Tropical Urbanización Ciudad Marina, Luperón TEL.: 571-8303 FAX: 571-8180 HAB.: 380  

Río San Juan

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Bahía Blanca Calle Gastón F. Deligne #5 TEL.: 589-2563 FAX: 589-2528 HAB.: 21  
Hotel Río San Juan Calle Duarte #23 TEL.: 589-2572 HAB.: 38  
Hotel Bahía Príncipe Carretera Gaspar Hernández Km. 18, Río San Juan TEL.: 226-1590 FAX: 226-1991 HAB.: 941
Occidental Allegro Playa Grande Playa Grande TEL.: 582-1170 FAX: 582-6094 HAB.: 300