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    Américo Mejía to Hold a Conference on Merengue during Cultural Week in Miami.
    Fundación Sabores Dominicanos en el Taste Santo Domingo 2017

    ENDANZA Adds Rhythm to Gala at Palacio de Bellas Artes
    Santo Domingo, July 4th 2017

    The National Dance School (ENDANZA) is a source which offers highly trained artistic professionals to both the Ministry of Culture’s official dance companies and the entire Dominican Republic.

    So it’s no surprise that the twenty performers provided an impressive show in the Palacio de Bellas Artes’ Máximo Avilés Blonda Hall for their 2017 Graduation Gala, supported by the Vice Ministry of Creativity and People’s Participation and the Directorate General at Bellas Artes.

    With ‘Endana en Tres Tiempos,” 20 ballerinas (18 female and two male) debuted in a spectacle of classic, folk, and modern dances curated by professor Marinella Sallent and Giseh Cuesta.

    The first part of the production was an exquisite rendering of La Sylphide accompanied by music from Chopin. Classical-focused dancers Mioleny Martínez, Seliné Canela, María Estefanny Almonte, Carolina Frith, Angélica Farías and Adrián Jáquez exhibited great dexterity and received intense rounds of applause from the audience. The 2017 graduates of this area each gave awe-inspiring solo performances.

    Of course, the beautiful wardrobe from Cromsin Dominguez must also be mentioned. It, along with the accompaniment by a larger ballet troupe, brought richness to the performance and an evocation of aesthetics germane to 19th century ballet blanc. La Sylphide was performed for the very first time on June 2nd, 1909 by itinerant ballet company Ballet Russes, under the direction of Serge Diaghilev.

    None less luxurious was the mise en scène of the second act, where Seliné Canela, Miolenny Martínez, Angélica Farías, Carolina Frith, María Estefany Almonte, Hendel Herrera, Adrián Jáquez, Miguel Jiménez, and Wilson de los Santos captivated the audience. With choregraphy by Karol Marenko and music from Olefur Arnalds, the contemporary number, titled ‘Inhabitable,” stole the scene.

    To end on a high note, the third act, titled “Stories and Dances of my Land,” presented the audience with an exquisite array of Dominican folk dance, fusing together “Los Congos de Villa Mella,” “Las Marimantas,” “La Culebra,”, “La Zarandunga,” “Olí Olí,” and “El Gagá” under musical direction by José Ramón Rodríguez.

    In this cultural amalgamation, choreography from Maritza Reyes, Antonia Alcántara, César Trinidad, Manuela Feliz, and Lorraine Díaz was flawlessly executed by students Alba Lantigua, Alisbeth Hiraldo, Belkys Scharboy, Brigitte Rúa, Isabel Martínez, Wanda Bautista, Sonya Silvestre, Adrián Jáquez, Hendel Herrera, Wilmer Minyetti, Diego Segura, Miguel Jiménez, Wilson de los Santos, Ángel Peguero, Jaycel Alcántara, Jean Carlos Ramos, Jeremy Alcántara, Jesús Vázquez, Joel Santana, Luis Enrique Vólquez, Wilfred Bautista and Danny Acosta.

    An impeccable production which brought the audience at the Palacio de Bellas Artes to its feet, the 2017 Graduation Gala was attended by Vice Minister of Culture Cayo Claudio Espinal, Ministry personnel, school administrators, and the general public.

    Marianella Sallent, director of the National School of Dance, stated that the night’s performance once again demonstrated the high quality of its graduates’ artistic formation.

    Fundación Sabores Dominicanos en el Taste Santo Domingo 2017
    The exquisite rendering of La Sylphide accompanied by music from Chopin showcased the graduates’ abilities as soloists and elicited intense rounds of applause from the audience.
    Fundación Sabores Dominicanos en el Taste Santo Domingo 2017

    Formal presentation of the National School of Dance (ENDANZA) graduates.

    Fundación Sabores Dominicanos en el Taste Santo Domingo 2017
    “Endanza en Tres Tiempos” provided the debut for 20 ballet dancers (18 female and two male) in the areas of classic, folk, and modern dance.

    Fundación Sabores Dominicanos en el Taste Santo Domingo 2017
    Beautiful wardrobing by Cromsin Domínguez and accompaniment by a larger ballet group brought richness to the production.

    Fundación Sabores Dominicanos en el Taste Santo Domingo 2017


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