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    Américo Mejía to Hold a Conference on Merengue during Cultural Week in Miami.
    Fundación Sabores Dominicanos en el Taste Santo Domingo 2017

    Joining Forces to Position the Gastronomy of Constanza
    Santo Domingo, May 10, 2017.

    The Sabores Dominicanos Foundation (FSD, for its acronym in Spanish), authorities and institutions from the Constanza municipality in the La Vega province, signed an agreement that commits to jointly working for the strengthening and positioning of that locale as a touristic destination for gastronomy.

    The document was signed during the “Meeting for the Positioning of Gastronomy in Constanza,” taking place in the Hotel Alto Cerro’s Convention Center, before a large group of representatives from all sectors that deal with agricultural production and local tourism.

    On behalf of the Sabores Dominicanos Foundation, Bolívar Troncoso Morales, president of that organization, signed the document. On behalf of the city council of Constanza, Mayor Ambiorix Sánchez Caraballo signed the agreement.

    Also signing the document as committed actors to the process were the commercial coordinator of FSD, Juan Febles; the district director of La Sabina city council, Tony Jiménez; vice mayor of Tireo, Larimar Suriel and Johnny Tactuk, local representative of the Ministry of Tourism.

    Furthermore, on behalf of the Altocerro Foundation, Daniel Matías; the coordinator of the Movimiento Constanza Gastronómico (Constanza Gastronomic Movement), Stephanie Díaz; the president of the Collado Gutiérrez Foundation, Rafael Augusto Collado; the president of the Clúster Hortícola de Constanza (Horticulture Cluster of Constanza), Bismark Abud and the president of the Asociación de Locutores y Comunicadores de Constanza (Association of Announcers and Communicators of Constanza), Frarman García.

    During the ceremony, the mayor’s commitment was evident with the initiatives that FSD is developing and the local actors taking part in the process.

    Number One Gastronomic Region

    During the event, Bolívar Troncoso Morales presented the study “Diagnosis and Activities of Gastronomy and Gastronomic Tourism of the Dominican Republic During the Period 2016-2020,” developed by doctor in sustainable gastronomy, Antonio Montecinos, through the Centro Empresarial Gastronómico Hotelero (Gastronomic Business Hotel) (Cegaho).

    The diagnosis, developed at the national level, separated the country into five gastronomic regions, placing Constanza in first place with regard to percent of valuation that it conferred, at 12 percent. Second place went to Gran Santo Domingo where a valuation of 10 percent was awarded due to its importance as an urban touristic destination.

    In third place was Bonao, with seven percent, due to its intermediate position between Cibao and Santo Domingo, that also maintains a diverse and plentiful Dominican gastronomic selection; fourth place was San Pedro de Macorís with six percent, thanks to coconut gastronomy and a history that includes its rum and famous guavaberry. Jarabacoa held a very low portion of gastronomic activity, barely two percent, as it has focused more on the development of adventure activities.

    To make a proposal for a top gastronomic region, 20 experts were also interviewed, who considered how agro tourism in Jarabacoa and Constanza should be developed.

    Bolívar Troncoso indicated that Constanza, with all its surrounding area, including Tireo valley, has the most agricultural potential in temperate to tropical climate because it achieves a variant of a meteorological phenomenon called hot thermometric vertical, that decreases the temperature a degree by every 180 degrees that you are elevated, allowing for temperatures above and below 20 degrees Celsius.

    He attributes Constanza’s diverse productivity to that bioclimatic condition, which few places in the Caribbean and the world possess.
    That diversity is among the top forces that have potential to turn Constanza into a destination of extraordinarily developed gastronomy.

    “We need to develop agricultural production through tourism, because today’s gastronomy will not have success if it does not take the tourist to see the production of food, and to know how it is processed, which is the agricultural system,” said Troncoso Morales.

    He adds that, today there is talk about sustainable gastronomy because the visitor is looking for organic agricultural production; something he knows the municipality must strengthen.

    Although he offers a list of Constanza’s strengths and weaknesses, the diagnosis by Montecinos states that “there is no political priority at the national level to develop social agricultural gastronomy and tourism in the Dominican Republic led by the ministries of culture, education and tourism with a transversal agenda priority plan or with programs and projects in the long term, created and agreed upon by specialists.”

    Montecinos concluded his diagnosis that gastronomic tourism cannot commercialize if it does not work with the community that is to be conscious of preserving and safeguarding its heritage and creating its own gastronomic identity.

    During the meeting business coordinator of the FSD Consortium, Juan Febles, presented about the “Project to Safeguard the Dominican Culinary Heritage” and Miguelina Durán, winner of the third place of the 2016 Julio Vega Batlle Literary Award, with his essay “Strategy for the Sustainable Development of Gastronomic Tourism of the Mountain Route: Jarabacoa, Constanza and San José de Ocoa. Goals and Challenges.”

    Fundación Sabores Dominicanos en el Taste Santo Domingo 2017

    Bolívar Troncoso, mayor Ambiorix Sánchez and Stephanie Díaz
    Fundación Sabores Dominicanos en el Taste Santo Domingo 2017

    Photo of main signatories: Frarmar García, Daniel Matías, Juan Febles, Yinny Rosario, Stephanie Díaz, Larimar Suriel, Ambiorix Sánchez (alcalde de Constanza), Johnny Tactuk, Bolívar Troncoso and Rafael Augusto Collado (Fundación Collado-Gutiérrez).

    Fundación Sabores Dominicanos en el Taste Santo Domingo 2017

    Part of the authorities and special invitees



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