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    Américo Mejía to Hold a Conference on Merengue during Cultural Week in Miami.
    Fundación Sabores Dominicanos en el Taste Santo Domingo 2017

    BIJRD Awards the Creativity of Young People in the Fourth Literary Bottles Competition
    Santo Domingo, May 5, 2017

    The Office of the Vice President, Doctor Margarita Cedeño, awarded the creativity, fantasy and imagination of the young winners of the fourth edition of the national Literary Bottles Competition 2017, dedicated to the narrative and poetic work by Dominican writer René del Risco Bermúdez.

    During a ceremony that took place in the courtyard of the Dominican Republic Children and Youth Library (BJIRD), the Vice President presented the awards to the youngsters that displayed their dedication to literature through their art. In this opportunity youth utilized parts of works by Del Risco Bermúdez while creating art from recycled material.

    Margarita Cedeño congratulated the participants for contributing their talents to the well-being of the environment and for converting waste materials into art.

    “I believe that you are the motor of change and innovation for our society and as creators of our collective and participatory development spaces. Read, recycle, take risks, commit errors and have fun, but above all take care of yourselves,” she exclaimed. 
    The initiative is sponsored by Bepensa Dominicana and Coca-Cola, and is directed toward students from the third and fourth grades in public and private high school.

    Juan Roberto Amell, director of Corporate Public Affairs at the aforementioned business said that Literary Bottles contributes an additional platform to extend the message that the proper management of solid waste is a powerful practice, that betters the quality of life for all citizens and, he argued, that disposable containers are a valuable resource that can be reused.

    “The commitment that Bepensa Dominicana and Coca-Cola maintain is to make a positive difference in the world through the implementation of initiatives that allow us to preserve the environment, facilitate recycling and contribute to the growth of education and culture in our country,” he stressed.

    The Awards

    First place went to the Centro de Excelencia República de Colombia, whose students were inspired by the story “En el barrio no hay banderas,” by the aforementioned author. The second place went to Instituto Politécnico Loyola (San Cristóbal), with the interpretation of the story “Esto le pasó a Teresa,” Meanwhile, third place was given to the Centro de Excelencia Profesor Luis Encarnación Nolasco for its piece dedicated to the poem “Entrega.”

    The winners of first place received 100,000 pesos, 75,000 went to second place and 50,000 went to third place. Also, the youngsters from the educational centers Cathedral International School, with the poem “Algo triste en ti”; from the Instituto Politécnico Simón Orozco, with “Oda gris por el soldado invasor”; those from the Liceo Sabana Japón, with the story “La oportunidad”; and those from Colegio Escuela Nueva, with “Orfeo solitario” received honorable mentions with prizes of 25,000 pesos each.

    Literary Bottles encourages reading, recycling and teamwork, offering the possibility to create, innovate and exercise the imagination through the creation of works of art inspired by literature.

    The jury in charge of evaluating the creativity and originality of the use of the recycles materials, beauty of the final work of art and relation to the text of the literature, was composed of the writer Miguel de Mena; the  visual artist Cruz María Dotel; the plastic artist José Sócrates Pérez Cestero and the writer Martha Rivera.

    After the ceremony, the invited authorities, students, young people and users of the cultural center made a trip through the Doctor Margarita Cedeño exposition room, where the participating works were displayed. The event included a musical presentation by the urban artist Mozart La Para.
    All the works were promoted on the social media websites of the library, where the participants competed for 10 percent of the public votes. The Literary Bottles album on the social media websites of the BIJRD had 293,948 visits, was shared 68 times, generated 34,000 “likes” and gained 5,000 new followers.

    Fundación Sabores Dominicanos en el Taste Santo Domingo 2017
    Durante la entrega de premios de la cuarta edición del Concurso Nacional Botellas Literarias 2017, la vicepresidenta de la República, doctora Margarita Cedeño, motivó a decenas de jóvenes a amarse a sí mismos y a hacer de la vida su más grande proyecto.

    Fundación Sabores Dominicanos en el Taste Santo Domingo 2017
    La vicepresidenta Margarita Cedeño entrega el cheque simbólico del primer lugar a estudiantes del Centro de Excelencia República de Colombia, en compañía de Juan Roberto Amell, director de Asuntos Públicos Corporativos de Bepensa Dominicana y Coca-Cola; y Dulce Elvira de los Santos, directora de la Biblioteca Infantil y Juvenil República Dominicana (BIJRD).

    Fundación Sabores Dominicanos en el Taste Santo Domingo 2017
    La vicepresidenta Margarita Cedeño durante la entrega de premios. Los ganadores del primer lugar recibieron 100 mil pesos, 75 mil el segundo, 50 mil el tercero y menciones de honor valoradas en 25 mil.

    Fundación Sabores Dominicanos en el Taste Santo Domingo 2017
    Juan Roberto Amell, director de Asuntos Públicos Corporativos de Bepensa Dominicana y Coca-Cola, dijo que el concurso contribuye a preservar el medioambiente, facilitar el reciclaje y promueve el fomento de la educación y la cultura en el país.

    Fundación Sabores Dominicanos en el Taste Santo Domingo 2017
    El concurso Botellas Literarias va dirigido a promociones estudiantiles de tercero y cuarto de bachillerato de escuelas públicas y privadas.

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