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    Américo Mejía to Hold a Conference on Merengue during Cultural Week in Miami.
    Fundación Sabores Dominicanos en el Taste Santo Domingo 2017

    Ministry of Culture Provides Details About the 20th Santo Domingo International Book Fair
    Santo Domingo, April 19 2017

    The Ministry of Culture and the General Directorate of the Book Fair provided details concerning the 2017 Santo Domingo International Book Fair (FILSD, for its acronym in Spanish) in which dozens of local and foreign publishers and bookstores will participate.

    The inauguration of this grand literary event, which President Danilo Medina and other government officials have been invited to attend, is set for Thursday, April 20 in the National Theatre’s Eduardo Brito Room.  

    FILSD 2017, which is dedicated to the writer René del Risco Bermúdez (1937-1972) and has Paraguay as the Guest of Honor, will conclude Monday, May 1. Additionally, the fair will carry out a program that includes 504 activities, among them conferences, presentations of new books, street art, the dedication of streets, discussions and workshops.

    The information was shared this Tuesday in a press conference headed by the Minister of Culture, Pedro Vergés; Vice Minister of Culture, Edilí Pichardo and Director of FILSD 2017, Ruth Herrera in the fairgrounds of the Juan Pablo Duarte Culture Plaza.

    At the meeting with journalists in the National Theatre’s Bar Juan Lockward, Minister Vergés announced that this culture and arts festivity will celebrate 20 years of FILSD, considered one of the most important activities of its kind in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

    He expressed that the slogan of this edition of the fair is “There’s a book for everyone,” which means the fair will be characterized by the exhibition and sale of a wide diversity of literature by Dominican and foreign authors, with books for everyone’s needs and pleasures. Attendees will be able to discover literature from universally and locally classic books to educational and scientific ones, as well as those that concern areas such as poetry, novels, short stories, and essays. Also, the fair is an open invitation to all Dominican people, regardless of age, occupation or literary interests.
    Vergés mentioned that this fair has received support from the Dominican government for 20 years and forms part of official cultural policies. He maintained that the administration of President Danilo Medina firmly believes that the fair contributes to the development of the Dominican publishing industry and to the promotion of reading within the framework of the educational revolution undertaken during his administration.

    Books in circulation

    Additionally, for the first time FILSD will put into circulation the first three volumes of the Biblioteca Dominicana Básica (Basic Dominican Library) part of a collection by the Ministry of Culture that will be composed of 100 of the most representative books of Dominican thought and culture.
    At the press conference, the official noted that more than 60 works by various authors would be presented within the framework of the great event. More than 300 activities will take place, all focused on the promotion of the arts, such as conferences, get-togethers, discussions, workshops, panels, chats and shows.  

    For its part, the Editora Nacional, the publishing unit of the Ministry of Culture, will put into circulation a total of 19 books by Dominican authors, among them: El viento frío, poetry and short stories, by René del Risco Bermúdez; and Voces del este, award-winning stories by Certamen from the east region.

    Also, a volume by Cologuios2016, the winning books from the Premio de Literatura Joven 2016(2016 Youth Literary Awards): En todos los relojes, tarde by Lery Laura Piña as well as La visita and other winning stories.

    The winning books from the annual literary awards: Los coberos del reino, by Efraín Castillo; Bredo, el pez, by José Fernández; El patio de los bramidos, by José Acosta. The Letras de Ultramar Awards: Música de Salamandras, by Daniel Baruc Espinal; Invención de la locura, by Rosa Silverio, and Ángeles Nómadas, by Minelys Sánchez.

    The works by authors from Paraguay: Antología Poética and Antología Narrativa, as well as those belonging to the Biblioteca Dominicana Básica: El derrumbe, by Federico García Godoy; El sembrador de voces, by Franklin Mieses Burgos, and La presencia de los frutos, by Juan Sánchez Lamouth.

    International and Dominican Writers

    A large delegation of foreign and Dominican intellectuals, who will present in keynote conferences, discussions and workshops, will participate in the 2017 FILSD.

    Among the international writers that will be present will include: Raúl Zurita (Chile), Leonardo Padura (Cuba), Delia Quiñones (Guatemala), Mayra Santos-Febres (Puerto Rico), Jorge Urrutia (España), Sofía Macías (México), Carlo Frabetti (Italia-España), Franketienne (Haití), Saúl Sosnowski (Argentina-Estados Unidos), and Roger Salas (Cuba-España). Italian academics Marina Bianchi and Gabriele Morelli and American Helene Weldt-Basso will be in attendance.

    Other writers who have confirmed their attendance are Dominicans of the diaspora, winners of the Letras de Ultramar Awards: Rosa Silverio, Daniel Baruc y Minelys Sánchez. Además, Rafael Núñez Cedeño, Rei Berroa, Zaida Corniel, Miguel D. Mena, Edgar Paiewonsky-Conde and Carmina Estrada.

    Keynote Conferences

    Eight highly significant authors will participate in the Cycle of Keynote Conferences. The speakers from Paraguay, Spain, Argentina, the United States and the Dominican Republic will be presenting beginning Friday, April 21, about diverse literary and historical topics.
    The themes that will be considered are: “El Caupolicán deRubén Darío: analysis of the exaltation of the American hero,” headed by Jesús Losada (Spain); “Features of Paraguayan Spanish in contact with guaraní,” led by Ladislaa Alcaraz de Silvero (Paraguay).
    “With René del Risco Bermúdez: Reading our modernity,” headed by Dominican intellectual Miguel D. Mena; and “Carmen Natalia: the loneliness of the commitment,” dictated by Chiqui Vicioso (República Dominicana).

    Also, Helene Weldt-Basson, from the United States will present on  “Augusto Roa Bastos and his trilogy on the monotheism of power,” while Rafael Núñez Cedeño from the Dominican Republic will approach the topic “Hablar ‘fisno’ en dominicana no se da a lo ‘losco” (to talk 'fine' in the Dominican Republic is not something crazy).

    Lastly, on Friday, April 28 will be the conference Poet Miguel Hernández, figure of the people. 75 years since his death” carried out by Jorge Urrutia from Spain.


    Additionally, as part of the program, the centennials and bicentennials of the births of Francisco del Rosario Sánchez, Carmen Natalia Martínez, Augusto Roa Bastos, Juan Rulfo will be commemorated. Likewise, Miguel Ángel Asturias (50 years since receiving the Nobel award) and Rubén Darío (150 years since his birth), to which their respective conferences will be devoted.

    In the same way, the avenues of the fairgrounds will be labeled with the names of ten Dominican intellectuals and an institution that has devoted itself to the promotion of literature, as part of the traditional program, Dedication of Streets.

    The writers that will be recognized this year are: Myrna Guerrero, Pedro Conde Sturla, Rafael González Tirado, Sabrina Román, Brunilda Contreras Núñez, José Alejandro Peña, Bartolo García Molina, Ylonka Nacidit-Perdomo, Carlos Andújar y Catana Pérez. The entity that will be honored with the dedication of a Street is the Sociedad Dominicana de Bibliófilos (Dominican Society of Booklovers).
    In addition, within the framework of the event will be the presentation of the Eduardo León Jimenes Book Fair Award and the Youth Literature Award (short story, poetry, short film and journalism).

    Delegation from Paraguay

    At the Paraguay Pavillion the fair will pay tribute to the novelist, storyteller and screenwriter Augusto Roa Bastos on his centennial. His daughter, Mirta Roa, will be present at the fair.

    Furthermore, a delegation from the South American country, made up of the best contemporary writers, will participate in discussions and workshops on that space. 

    The delegation will be composed of the following writers: Jacobo Rauskin, Renée Ferrer, Maribel Barreto, Javier Viveros, Andrés Colman, Víctor Jacinto Flecha, Antonio Carmona, Jacobo Rauskin, Ladislaa Alcaraz, Moncho Azuaga, and Víctor Casartelli, among others. On the artistic level will be filmmaker Hugo Gamarra, orchestral director Diego Sánchez Haas, popular singer Diana Barboza and the tenor José Mongelós, among others.

    Among the pavilions that will be installed in the fair, are René del Risco and Bermúdez, Youth Area, Book-Kitchen, Dominican Authors, Literary Workshops, Café Bohemio, University Room and Capilla de los Remedios, among others.

    More than 400 members of security agencies will safeguard around the fairgrounds, to facilitate, in particular, access for visitors and to maintain order.

    In that sense, please advise that the fair will not allow the entrance of visitors carrying firearms or weapons, bottles or other sharp objects.
    The National Police, Ministry of Defense, The Army of the Dominican Republic, Dominican Armada, Dominican Air Force, Civil Defenses, MINC Security, Firefighters and J & E Private Security will be collaborating at the event.

    Fundación Sabores Dominicanos en el Taste Santo Domingo 2017

    Fundación Sabores Dominicanos en el Taste Santo Domingo 2017

    Fundación Sabores Dominicanos en el Taste Santo Domingo 2017

    Fundación Sabores Dominicanos en el Taste Santo Domingo 2017

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