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    La Cámara de Comercio Dominico Francesa Celebró el Primer Festival Gastronómico Francés con Sabor Caribeño
    La Cámara de Comercio Dominico Francesa Celebró el Primer Festival Gastronómico Francés con Sabor Caribeño

    The VII International Music, Identity and Culture Congress Comes to an End
    Santiago de Los Caballeros, April 12, 2017.-

    WWith the sponsorship of the Ministry of Culture, Centro León and the Instituto de Estudios Caribeños (Institute of Caribbean Studies), the VII International Music, Identity and Culture Congress was celebrated, where the central theme was “’Bachata and strings in the musical expressions of the Caribbean.”

    The opening ceremony was presided over by María Amalia León de Jorge, Director of the Eduardo León Jimenes Foundation; the Vice Minister of Culture,  Juan Morales Viloria; Pedro Vergés, in representation of the Minister of Culture; and Darío Tejeda, Director of the Institute of Caribbean Studies.

    Among the events within the program were conferences, debate and presentation sessions and art exceptions, the VII Meeting of Caribbean Music Collectors, presentations of bibliographic features, record labels, audiovisual presentations and a number of fun concerts. 
    In his presentation during the inaugural ceremony, the Vice Minister of Culture, Juan Morales Viloria, emphasized the transcendence of the event, which has taken place for 12 years with new editions every two years.

    ‘’It is novel that events like this one are carried out, where diverse efforts converge and are sponsored by the Eduardo León Jimenes Cultural Center, the Institute of Caribbean Studies and the Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Culture,” he stressed. 
    The official added “the practice of partnerships is important to the new management of the Ministry of Culture, where we are committed to uniting efforts between the different sectors in favor of the nation’s cultural politics.”  

    Continuing, he expressed that “it is gratifying to see that this alliance of the public, private and academic sectors has been successful, to maintain and produce so many fruits and merits for the country and for the Caribbean region.” 

    “In MINC we consider of utmost importance the work of research and the results of this event, that the conferences and presentations that are presented are based in studies, analyses, data and conclusions of experts that will produce new knowledge on relevant and binding subjects such as music, identity and culture.”

    The official explained that those are a few of the reasons which motivated the Ministry of Culture to declare 12 years ago the International Music, Identity and Culture Congress an “event of high cultural interest.” 

    He expressed that this seventh congress is dedicated to two themes that are intimately united: strings and Bachata.
    The Vice Minister explained that string instruments are the musical legacy that Europeans left us more than five centuries ago, which is now replicated throughout the Americas. 

    He said that the arrival of the first guitars, bases, lutes and other string instruments represent for the Dominicans one of the many great gifts brought by the discoverers of the new lands. 

    As a musical genre, Bachata is the offspring of that long musical tradition of strings and a musical expression which can be considered recent.
    ‘’Many of its pioneers are still with us and we are waiting to see a showcase of its expressions in this congress, which will speak of its musical life and maybe interpret its songs which are full of feelings and emotions,” stated the Vice Minister.

    The First International Music, Identity and Culture Congress in 2005 was dedicated to the theme “Merengue in Dominican and Caribbean culture;” the second congress in April 2007 considered the theme “Son and Salsa in the identity of the Caribbean;” in the third version in 2009 the theme was “Bolero in Caribbean culture and its universal projection.”

    In the fourth, celebrated in 2011, the theme was “Jazz from the Caribbean perspective;” in the fifth meeting, “musical folklore and Caribbean dance in the time of globalization” and in the sixth, “Trovadores, societies and identities in the Caribbean” in 2015.

    The International Music, Identity and Culture Congress in the Caribbean (MIC) is a cultural event that every two years brings together students and artists, researchers and lovers of Caribbean music, dance and culture, with the purpose of exchanging knowledge about Caribbean culture at the national and regional levels.

    La Cámara de Comercio Dominico Francesa Celebró el Primer Festival Gastronómico Francés con Sabor Caribeño

    La Cámara de Comercio Dominico Francesa Celebró el Primer Festival Gastronómico Francés con Sabor Caribeño


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