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    Américo Mejía to Hold a Conference on Merengue during Cultural Week in Miami.
    Fundación Sabores Dominicanos en el Taste Santo Domingo 2017

    Announcing the Dominican Commissioner of Culture’s Letras de Ultramar Awards Ceremony
    New York, April 4, 2017.

    The Letras de Ultramar literary awards, which recognize the work of Dominican writers based outside of their country, will be delivered Thursday, April 6, in an event that will award the winners of the 12th version of the competition, Rosa Silverio, Daniel Baruc Espinal Rivera and Minelys Sánchez.

    The announcement was made by the Dominican Commissioner of Culture, Mr. Carlos Sánchez, who invited the general public, writers and lovers of literature to attend the ceremony which will be celebrated beginning at 7:00pm in the Rafael Villalona theatre room of the Dominican Commissioner of Culture in the United States, located at 541 West 145th Street, 2nd. floor, near the corner with Broadway, in Manhattan.

    Rosa Silverio, resident of Spain, won the award in the Poetry category, with the work Invención de la locura; Daniel Baruc Espinal Rivera, who lives in Mexico, won the award in the Short Story category with Música de salamandras; and Minelys Sánchez, who resides in Massachusetts, United States, won in the Novel category with Ángeles nómadas.

    The winning writers will be present at the ceremony.

    The Teatro de Planta from the Commissioner will carry out dramatized readings from fragments of the literary works by Daniel Baruc Espinal Rivera and Minelys Sánchez, and the artists Karina Pasián, Jankarlos, Andre Veloz and Ingrit Pérez, with orchestral accompaniment directed by Miguel Andrés Tejada, will sing poems by Rosa Silverio.

    Letras de Ultramar is organized by the Dominican Commissioner of Culture in the United States, an entity of the Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Culture; it has a cash prize of US$5,000 and a certificate for each category. The winners will also participate as Guests of Honor in the 20th Santo Domingo International Book Fair in 2017 in which Paraguay will be the Country Guest of Honor.

    The winning entries will be published by Editora Nacional in the Ultramar Collection and will be submitted formally as part of the 20th Santo Domingo International Book Fair in 2017.

    The Letras de Ultramar Literary Competition, aims to encourage, recognize and promote literary creation by Dominican writers who for various reasons have taken up residence outside their homeland. The first edition of the competition was convened in 2005 in the Poetry category, and the winning book at that competition was Saint Domingue, 2044, by Osiris Vallejo. Reminiscencias, a storybook by writer Keiselim A. Montás, was the winner in 2006. In 2007, the novel A la sombra del flamboyán, by Dinorah Coronado, was the winner. In 2008, Antonio Méndez won the award with his book of essays La mujer dominicana: inmigrante en busca de la igualdad. In 2009, the theater play La redonda peña despeñada, by Jimmy Valdez, was the winner.

     In 2010, for the first time, the competition included three categories: Novel, Short Story and Poetry. The winners were: Rubén Sánchez Féliz, with the novel Los muertos no sueñan; Rey Andújar, with the storybook Saturnario, and Daniel Baruch Espinal Rivera, with the book of poems Roja iconografía de los otoños.

    And in 2011, the award was won by Diógenes Abreu with the play La Jom Atenda; Esteban Torres, with the essay Antropología dramática; and Juan Carlos Campos "Koldo" with the children's book El rey necio.'

    In 2012, the winners were: Rubén Sánchez Féliz, who won the awards in the Novel and Short Story categories with his works Un cuarto lleno de anguilas and Ya nunca será como antes, respectively. And, Daniel Baruch Espinal Rivera, won the award in the Poetry category with his work La música y el vértigo.

    In 2013, Diógenes Abreu, who resides in New York, won the Essays category with Sin haitianidad no hay dominicanidad: cartografía de una identidad que se bifurca; Frank Disla, who lives in New Jersey, won in the Theater category with the play Ascenso y caída de Andresito Reyna; and César Sánchez Beras, who lives in Massachusetts, was the winner in the Children's Literature category with El sapito azul y el misterio sonoro.
    In 2014, Tomás Modesto Galán, resident of New York, won the award in the Poetry category with the work  Amor en bicicleta y otros poemas. Osiris Vallejo, who lives in North Carolina, won the Short Story category with Dimensiones del espejo. The award in the Novel category was declared empty.

    In 2015, Keiselim A. Montás, New Hampshire resident, won the award in the Essay category with the work Ínfimas apreciaciones literarias (Desde Cervantes hasta Perlongher en vuelo de pájaro); Frank Disla, who is from New Jersey, won the Theatre category with Un romance andaluz; and Kianny Antigua, who is from New Hampshire, won in the Children’s Literature category with Elementos.
    For more information please call (212) 234-8149., or visit our website: www.codocul.com. Follow us on Twitter: @codocul1 / Facebook: www.facebook.com/comisionado.cultura/, / Instagram: www.instagram.com/codocul/

    Fundación Sabores Dominicanos en el Taste Santo Domingo 2017

    Fundación Sabores Dominicanos en el Taste Santo Domingo 2017

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