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    Américo Mejía to Hold a Conference on Merengue during Cultural Week in Miami.
    Fundación Sabores Dominicanos en el Taste Santo Domingo 2017

    Announcing the 2017 National Literary Bottles Competition
    Santo Domingo, March 20, 2017

    - In attempt to promote reading and to develop the environmental awareness through the creation of works of art with recyclable materials, the Vice President’s Office and the Dominican Republic’s Child and Youth Library (BIJRD, for its acronym in Spanish) called for students to participate in the fourth edition of the National Literary Bottles Competition, sponsored by Bepensa Dominicana and Coca Cola.

    The announcement was made by the director of BIJRD, Dulce Elvira de los Santos, who explained that this year’s competition will be dedicated to the poet René del Risco Bermúdez, with the intention of exposing young people to the works of this Dominican author from the 60s.

    She said that participants will receive plastic bottles containing texts from the poet. They must make an artistic composition that expresses the message of the story or poem provided. She mentioned that teamwork is essential in this cultural competition.

    “The objective is to convert waste into art, to demonstrate that you can create art with objects that are no longer being used”, said De los Santos.
    She stated that the first place team will receive 100,000 pesos, the second place team 75,000, and third place 50,000, and that four honorable mentions with awards of 25,000 will be given during a ceremony on May 5.

    She asked for teachers to support their students, to involve the entire school in recycling activities, to turn the competition into a classroom activity, and stressed that this is a unique opportunity to create collective awareness about the responsibility to have a cleaner country.

    Meanwhile the director of Public Affairs of Bepensa Dominicana, Juan Roberto Amell Llibre, emphasized the commitment of  that company to supporting national education and culture. Furthermore, he encouraged the combination of good environmental practices with reading as a means to support innovation and imagination.

    “We once again express our gratitude for the invitation to participate for the fourth time in this project that aims to motivate youth to read more. We wish all the participants success and hope the best wins”, he said.
    Guidelines of the competition
    Students in the third and fourth grades of public and private high schools may participate. The works must be turned in April 18 and 19 at BIJRD, located on calle doctor Delgado esquina Francia.

    Students that wish to participate will need to register at the link www.bijrd.gob.do and then will receive three literary bottles containing texts by René del Risco Bermúdez, on the basis of which they will make an artistic composition.

    Photos and videos of the works must be sent to the email botellasliterarias@gmail.com to be promoted on the BIJRD social media sites, where they will compete for 10 percent of the public votes, prior to the final selection by a jury, whose decision is final.

    The works with 80 percent of the votes will be awarded, based on creativity and originality in the use of the collected materials, relation of the text with the artistic composition, and aesthetics. Also, the works will become part of the history of the competition to be used in not for profit cultural activities.

    Important request

    It is extremely important that participants follow the social media accounts of BIJRD at: bibliotecainfantilyjuvenilRD, on FaceBook, @tubijrd on Twitter and   Tubiblioteca on Instagram. For more information please contact the library at 809-685-4276.

    Fundación Sabores Dominicanos en el Taste Santo Domingo 2017

    La directora de la Biblioteca Infantil y Juvenil República Dominicana (BIJRD), Dulce Elvira de los Santos, explicó que la cuarta convocatoria del Concurso Nacional de Botellas Literarias 2017 será dedicado al extinto poeta dominicano René del Risco Bermúdez.

    Fundación Sabores Dominicanos en el Taste Santo Domingo 2017

    Cientos de estudiantes de diferentes centros educativos del país asistieron al lanzamiento oficial del Cuarto Concurso Nacional Botellas Literarias 2017, efectuado en el auditorio La Trinitaria de la Biblioteca Infantil y Juvenil República Dominicana (BIJRD). FOTO 3.- El director de Asuntos Públicos de Bepensa Dominicana, Juan Roberto Amell Llibre, exhortó a los participantes a combinar las buenas prácticas medioambientales con la lectura, y así transitar por los caminos de la innovación, la fantasía y la imaginación.

    Fundación Sabores Dominicanos en el Taste Santo Domingo 2017

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