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    El DREFF promueve conciencia ambiental y practicas sostenibles a través de la participación comunitaria

    The Best of Dominican Film Festival in New York Will Take Place from January 13 to 15
    New York, January 12, 2017

    A meeting with the press, actors and figures of the industry was held with great success to present the first festival of the best Dominican films, with the participation of the actors Carmen Villalobos, Susana Dosamantes and the councilman Ydanis Rodríguez. The films were selected among those that have been presented in the last five years at the Dominican Film Festival in New York, conceived by the filmmaker and founder Armando Guareño.

    The Best of the Dominican Film Festival in New York will be held from January 13 to 15 in the following theaters: Alumni Auditorium of Columbia University Medical Center (168 St. & Broadway), January 14th ; and the Theater of the Comisionado Dominicano de Cultura en US (541 West  145th Street, 2nd Floor), January 13th, 14th, and 15th.

    Armando Guareño, founder of the Dominican Film Festival in New York, during his speech at the press conference thanked the support of the actors, friends of the industry, sponsors and the press for the success of the film festival in New York.

    "Dominican cinema right now is no longer a local cinema; it is a more universal cinema, and that implies bringing actors from other countries for its development. Dominican cinema has evolved, and that makes foreign actors interested in the industry, and this has been possible thanks to the Law on cinema incentives in the Dominican Republic. Currently, the films that are made in the Dominican Republic are participating in major film festivals in the world. Right now, the movie El Fantasma de mi novia is being filmed, with great actors like Carmen Villalobos and Susana Dosamantes, William Levy and others, which means that our cinema is in great demand and is in full development. We invite you to enjoy this show of Dominican cinema and get carried away by the cinematographic environment that is emerging in the Upper Manhattan neighborhood," said Armando Guareño.

    Also attending the press conference were James Duarte, creative director of the festival, Francis Disla "El Indio" and Jensel Santana, director and producer of the film El Fantasma de mi Novia, Julia Carias Linares, Ariel Ferreira of Brown Sugar Bar & Restaurant, among others.

    By popular demand, the Best of Dominican Film Festival is an initiative of DFFN and Cine Art Entertainment Production, sponsored by Columbia Medical Center, Univision, Telemicro, Brown Sugar Bar & Restaurant, Il Sole Restaurant and Ron Barceló.

    The programming consists of 13 of the best movies that have been programmed in the last five years. Among them is the movie LOKI 7, a US premiere. The film LOKI is directed by Ernesto Alemany, with great Dominican actors Isaac Panky Saviñon amd Manny Perez, who will attend the evening for a Q&A session after the screening.

    Other films that will be screened during the festival are: Sand of Dollars, by Laura Guzman; La Familia Reyna by Tito Rodríguez; Yo soy la Salsa by Manuel Villalona; Todos los hombres son iguales by Manuel Gómez Pereira; Maria Montez by Vicente Peñarrocha; La Gunguna by Ernesto Alemany; Codigo Paz by Pedro Urrutia; Detective Willy by José María Cabral; Biodegradable by Juan Basanta Ortiz; No hay más remedio by José Enrique Pintor; Locas y Atrapadas by Alfonso Rodríguez; By the Sea by Bladimir Abud; Dos policias en apuro, by Francis Disla, among others.

    DFFNY’s mission is to promote a new generation of Dominican filmmakers along with established ones. DFFNY strives on strengthening the vital economic and cultural relationship of the Dominican Republic with the United States. The festival’s main objective is to inform New York City audiences about Dominican cinema and its relation to the history, politics and social life of the country through an aesthetic approach. The festival’s program will showcase an array of works reflecting the city’s diverse population including a large ratio of Latinos from 21 countries.

    For more information: www.dominicanfilmfestival.com  Tickets: dffnyc.eventbrite.com 

    Source: www.zabalaaldia.com

    El DREFF promueve conciencia ambiental y practicas sostenibles a través de la participación comunitaria

    El DREFF promueve conciencia ambiental y practicas sostenibles a través de la participación comunitaria

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