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    El DREFF promueve conciencia ambiental y practicas sostenibles a través de la participación comunitaria

    Historian Héctor Luis Martínez Joins the Dominican Academy of History
    Santo Domingo, November 11, 2016.

    The Dominican Academy of History held the ceremony for the welcoming, as a member, of historian Héctor Luis Martínez, in a ceremony presided by historian Mu-Kien Adriana Sang, president of the Academy, and its vice president, Adriano Miguel Tejada. The event was also attended by the Minister of Culture, Pedro Vergés.

    In his welcoming remarks, Tejada highlighted the trajectory of Hector Luis Martínez, with emphasis on his contributions as a university professor and researcher in the field of Caribbean history of the twentieth century.

    On his side, the historian Martínez, in his keynote speech, entitled "Astrel Roland in the Dispute Trujillo-Estimé, 1946-1950", emphasized that for the investigation he had access to primary sources that were barely studied by most of the Dominican historians.

    These sources, he said, were consulted last April in the archives of the Organization of American States (OAS), in Washington, "thanks to the support of the current Minister of Culture, Pedro Vergés, who was then the ambassador of the Dominican Republic at the OAS ".

    Using a fluid and remarkably rigorous style, Martínez explained how, using himself as a decoy, Trujillo protected the factious actions of Haitian colonel Astrel Roland against President Dumarsais Estimé.

    Following the same order, he explained that, to this end, Roland was not only received in Dominican territory, fixing residence in the exquisite area of ​​Gazcue, but radio station La Voz Dominicana served to spread messages against Haitian constitutional order and several proclamations with the same orientation were delivered from the border.

    He said that for these activities Roland was assisted by Alfred Viau and Georges Séjourné, his closest collaborators. Martínez explained that, thanks to these actions, the differences between the presidents of both parts of the island were so high that they almost ended in an armed confrontation.
    He added that in order to avoid this confrontation, President Estimé repeatedly visited the Organization of American States, whose arbitration involved the development of an on-site investigation process, which resulted in the recognition and rejection of the orchestrated conspiracy by Trujillo and Estimé against the Haitian government.

    The historian concluded by thanking the presence of his relatives, the delegation of former presidents of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, past presidents of the Dominican Academy of History, historians, and friends.

    El DREFF promueve conciencia ambiental y practicas sostenibles a través de la participación comunitaria
    Prior to the event, the Minister of Culture, Pedro Vergés, exchanges impressions with Fran Moya Pons, Adriano Miguel Tejada, Eduardo Tejera, Bernardo Vega, and Iván Brugal Grullón, president of UASD University

    El DREFF promueve conciencia ambiental y practicas sostenibles a través de la participación comunitaria
    The Minister of Culture, Pedro Vergés, accompanied by the new member of the Dominican Academy of History, historian Hector Luis Martinez.

    El DREFF promueve conciencia ambiental y practicas sostenibles a través de la participación comunitaria
    The president of the Dominican Academy of History, Mu-kien Adriana Sang Ben, gives the silver pin that accredits the historian Hector Luis Martinez as a member of that body at the national level.

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