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    Tenth Dominican Book Fair in New York 2016 Announced
    New York, October 17, 2016

    The Dominican Commission of Culture in the United States, part of the Dominican Ministry of Culture, is celebrating the 10th Dominican Book Fair in New York, to be held on October 28, 29 and 30, 2016 at George Washington School in Upper Manhattan.
    The Dominican Minister of Culture will attend the event along with writer Pedro Verges, who will be part of an official delegation comprised of the poets Cayo Claudio Espinal, Deputy Minister of Culture, and Alexis Gómez Rosa, Director General of Libro y la Lectura.
    In celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Dominican Book Fair in New York, this year’s event will be dedicated to two outstanding Dominican writers living in the Diaspora in recognition of their extraordinary contribution to Dominican literature, in Essay and Poetry genres.
    The writers to be honored are essayist, philologist and academic Orlando Alba, who lives in Utah; and poet and cultural activist, Yrene Santos, resident New York City.
    “Dr. Orlando Alba is a renowned researcher on how to talk about Dominicans. His philological and linguistic studies are an invaluable contribution to our culture,” said Professor Carlos Sánchez, Dominican Commissioner of Culture in the United States.

    “For her part, Yrene Santos earned a place in Dominican literature for the quality of her poetry and artistic and cultural activism. It is a great honor for the Commission to dedicate the 10th Dominican Book Fair in New York to Orlando Alba and Yrene Santos. We are profoundly grateful that they are allowing us to celebrate their contributions to our literature,” added Prof. Sánchez.

    Prof. Sánchez also thanked the staff and parent-teacher committee at George Washington School “for selflessly providing their school to host this book fair and for contributing to this Dominican cultural festival.”
    The 10th Dominican Book Fair in New York will also be dedicated to Dominican writers living in Virginia, poet José Alejandro Peña and poet/essayist Rei Berroa. The Book Fair will pay special tribute to writers in the Colombian community in the United States.

    Special guests of the Dominican Commission of Culture in the United States include such writers as winner of the 2016 National Prize for Literature Ángela Hernández; 2010 winner Matthew Morrison as well as Soledad Álvarez, Luisa Navarro, Alejandro Arvelo, Rosa Silverio, Giovanny Cruz, Luis R. Santos, Juan Freddy Armando, Malu Marti Martínez Acosta, and Carmen Karina Castillo.

    This includes Eulogio Javier, Rafael Núñez Cedeño and Virginia-based José Alejandro Peña.
    This year’s event will feature the participation of 2015 recipient of the Cuban National Prize for Literature, Eduardo Heras León, who will give a workshop on narrative technique entitled, “The Challenges of Fiction,” as a pre-book fair event. The workshop is free and open to Dominican writers.
    The Book Fair is considered the most important event organized outside the country by the Dominican Ministry of Culture, through the Dominican Culture Commissioner in the US. The Book Fair will kick off on Friday, October 28th with Andre Veloz and the Cabaret Bachata, in the auditorium at the George Washington School. 

    Under the slogan “Leer te transforma” [Reading Transforms You”] the Book Fair, attended annually by thousands of people, provides US Spanish-speaking communities the opportunity to experience the Dominican Republic’s voluminous, diverse and rich literature.

    There will be various pavilions at the Book Fair where innovative events will be ongoing, such as the Children's Pavilion under the guidance of writer Elizabeth Balaguer who will be offering fun and educational activities for children. In the Film Pavilion, actress Mariluz Acosta will show representative screenings of Dominican films. Then there is the Crafts Pavilion with Mercedes Polanco and other Dominican and Latin artisans.

    In addition, the Historical Memory Pavilion, under the direction of activist Roberto Castillo, will feature panels and lectures on Dominican history; the Youth Expression Pavilion, directed by actress Angie Regina, will offer workshops, lectures and roundtable discussions. 

    Winners of the high school literature contest will also be announced. The contest was coordinated by the writer Rubén Sánchez Féliz “Our goal is to encourage these young high school students to cultivate the wonderful world of literature and to visit and participate in the fair," said Sánchez.

    On Saturday October 29 and Sunday the 30th, starting at 9 am, the Book Fair will open in the auditorium of George Washington School at 549 Audubon Avenue in upper Manhattan and will close on Sunday October 30th at 8:00 pm.

    “This book and cultural festival is an event where visitors will enjoy readings, book presentations, conferences and literary discussions,” said Mr. Sánchez
    He added that throughout book fair weekend, there will be more than 150 events as well as the participation of prominent Dominican writers in the Diaspora such as Franklin Gutiérrez, Eduardo Lantigua, José Acosta, Juan Villar, Kianny N. Antigua, Miguel Aníbal Perdomo and Rubén Sánchez Féliz.

    Several more writers include Elizabeth Balaguer, Dió-genes Abreu, Keiselim Montás, Yolanny Rodríguez, Claribel Díaz, Osiris Mosquea, Félix García, Ramón Gross, Joanna Herrera, Gladys Montolío, Karina Rieke, Jorge Piña, José Frank Rosario, César Sánchez Beras, Carlos McCoy, Darío Tejeda, Luis Álvarez, Augusta Eunice Castillo, Edgar Smith, José C Novas, Ramón Espínola, Jimmy Valdez-Ozaku, Esteban Torres Marte, Rosa Saldaña, Benjamín García, and Joel Almonó.

    “We invite the community to continue to support the Dominican Book Fair in New York, among its largest cultural festivals, which brings writers and cultural activists to take part as volunteers and to work with us on operational levels,” said the Dominican Commissioner of Culture in the United States, Carlos Sánchez.
    For more information, visit out website: www.codocul.com, or call (212) 234-8149, or send an email to: info@codocul.com and feriadellibro@codocul.com

    El DREFF promueve conciencia ambiental y practicas sostenibles a través de la participación comunitaria

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