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    El DREFF promueve conciencia ambiental y practicas sostenibles a través de la participación comunitaria

    Fathom Presents Impact Travel Programs to the Dominican Republic
    Puerto Plata, October 11, 2016.

    "Today there is a new option for travel to Puerto Plata, on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, which combines a passion for travel with the desire to make a difference in the world," said Ambra Attus, director in the Dominican Republic of FATHOM, which is the tenth and most recent product from Carnival Corporation & plc, the largest tour company and cruise ship operator in the world.

    Under a new scheme called "Impact Travel," FATHOM is offering authentic cruise experiences and meaningful trips that will enrich the lives of travelers as they work alongside locals, helping fill the needs of communities in the area through participation in specially-designed activities in partnership with leading institutions in sustainable development in the Dominican Republic: the Dominican Institute for Comprehensive Development (Instituto Dominicano de Desarrollo Integral - IDDI) and the Entrena Company.

    So-called impact activities seek to address the needs of Environmental, Educational and Economic Development in the various areas in the country's province.

    The cruise line began operating in April 2016, bringing visitors every two weeks from Miami to Puerto Plata on board the Adonia, which has the capacity for 700 passengers. "Bringing cruise passengers to work 3 days a week, every two weeks, gives us the potential to provide thousands of days of impact," said Ms. Attus. "The contribution of each individual, regardless of size of how long they stay, is complemented by hundreds of other travelers, which ultimately create a huge ripple effect that encourages a positive, sustainable and accessible impact, which is unprecedented."

    Once in Puerto Plata, after two days on board, travelers are integrated into different activities, such as working with a women's cooperative that plants, harvests and works with cocoa to produce chocolate, thus enabling them to increase production and their family's income. They might help children and community members to improve their English through conversation sessions as a way of preparing them to find better jobs and opportunities in the future or they may make clay water filters for families who lack clean drinking water. Some help build concrete floors for people in vulnerable sectors, among other activities.

    FATHOM regularly measures the impact generated by travelers, through the collection of both quantitative and qualitative data and interviews with the direct and indirect beneficiaries of their programs. In this regard, said Ms. Attus, "Achievements so far are very satisfactory, but they are only the beginning, because our commitment to the development of communities in Puerto Plata is long-term."

    Feedback from passengers on the new cruise ship has also been been extremely positive. This is reflected in the high rates of satisfaction reported in surveys, but also from the large number of repeat travelers, some of whom have already traveled with FATHOM to the Dominican Republic five times in these first months of operation.

    "We are very grateful for the support we've received from public and private institutions in the province and from the country, as well as the enthusiastic interest on the part of travelers who choose to be part of making a difference with Fathom. We are eager to work together to help the Dominican Republic prosper," concluded Attus.


    The following:
    Activities and Cumulative Impact - as of October 6, 2016, after 13 sailing trips to the Dominican Republic:

    ● 45 visits to various reforestation sites by 1231 travelers have resulted in the following:
    o 16,329 seeds planted in our nurseries to begin their growth
    o 6,515 seedlings transplanted from our nurseries on Dominican soil
    ● In time, this will lead to a more nutrient-rich soil, reduction in soil loss, and improvement in local air and water quality. We are reforesting with native trees that will help reestablish the endemic flora and fauna of the island.
    ● We are supporting the Ministry of Environment of the Dominican Republic in its efforts to reduce human settlements in protected areas, and we are working with private landowners to increase education on conservation and reforestation.

    Chocal: Cacao and the Women's Chocolate Cooperative
    ● 54 visits to Chocal by 2,060 travelers
    o 3,722 pounds of cacao beans were cleaned, which translates into 109,874 chocolate bars
    o 57,498 products wrapped, packaged and prepared to be sold
    o 13,332 cacao beans planted in the nursery that serves Chocal
    ● The direct impact of travelers helps this company grow and prosper, since their participation increases production as well as sales. As Chocal grows, opportunities for additional income also increase in the region, ultimately boosting the general welfare of the employees in Chocal.
    ● Harvested cacao beans will become plants, which will be distributed to small farmers in the area at a low cost. Over time, the harvested cocoa from some of these trees will find its way back to Chocal, where it will turned into delicious chocolate.

    RePapel: Recycled Paper and Crafts Entrepreneurship
    ● Fathom and its travelers have made it possible for 11 women to become integrated into a cooperative business; 3 now have a safe workshop for their work and a market for their products.
    ● 70 visits to RePapel by 2,001 travelers have resulted in the production of 9,872 sheets of paper
    ● Practical support from visitors helps this business grow in all its aspects, while increasing production capacity and sales. As a result, the workers are reporting improvement in their general welfare. The program also provides a safe and secure place for this women's cooperative to grow its business.

    Concrete Floors in Community Homes
    ● 37 homes installed with concrete floors with 803 travelers has enabled the following:
    o 170 people in 40 homes received new concrete floors, and a school with 168 students a new multipurpose outdoor sports court.
    ● These floors provide safer and healthier spaces that are easier to clean and less likely to cause respiratory problems and encourage the breeding of insects. Young children are more likely to develop early mobility skills (crawling and walking) on a smooth concrete floor. And concrete floors are a matter of personal pride for the beneficiaries of this project.

    Water Filter Production
    ● In 26 visits to the "Wine to Water" workshops, 645 travelers have undertaken:
    o The production of 730 water filters that are benefitting an estimated 3,650 Dominicans who have no access to safe drinking water.
    ● Recipients of these filters will experience a significant reduction in incidences of waterborne diseases in addition to significant savings by not having to buy bottled water. Indirect benefits include increased attendance at school and work.

    Educational Impact of the Following Programs:
    ● English in the Communities
    ● English in the Schools
    ● English in Creative Arts, Music and Sports
    English proficiency is one of the most important factors for success in the job market in the Dominican economy. Through activities undertaken by Fathom travelers, 728 Dominicans, including students and community members, have benefited from the effective interaction with English-speaking foreigners. 141 visits to schools and communities by 2,843 travelers have provided approximately 25 hours of direct interaction per beneficiary. This is equal to 10.4% of the number of hours recommended by international organizations to achieve basic competency in the English language.


    El DREFF promueve conciencia ambiental y practicas sostenibles a través de la participación comunitaria

    El DREFF promueve conciencia ambiental y practicas sostenibles a través de la participación comunitaria

    El DREFF promueve conciencia ambiental y practicas sostenibles a través de la participación comunitaria

    El DREFF promueve conciencia ambiental y practicas sostenibles a través de la participación comunitaria

    El DREFF promueve conciencia ambiental y practicas sostenibles a través de la participación comunitaria

    El DREFF promueve conciencia ambiental y practicas sostenibles a través de la participación comunitaria


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