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    Fernando Villalona to Reflect on His Life, Music at New York Dominican Get Together

    Flor de azúcar, by Dominican Director Fernando Báez, Premieres July 28
    Santo DOmingo, July 9, 2016

    The director, writer and producer Fernando Báez´s latest work, the drama Flor de azúcar, premieres in selected theaters in the Dominican Republic July 28th.

    Flor de Azúcar, a cry for freedom, love and justice, is an interesting historical fiction inspired by the original story of Juan Bosch La noche Buena de Encarnación Mendoza. Set in the late 1940s, during the Trujillo dictatorship, the film enjoys a deep human content, in line with the vision of the director to contribute to the development of an "increasingly healthier and fairer" society while still entertaining.

    One of the highlights of this feature film is the presence of the virtuoso Venezuelan wind instrumentalist Pedro Eustache composer of the original soundtrack. Eustace has contributed for films such as Mel Gibson´s The Passion of Christ; The Jungle Book; and Pirates of the Caribbean, among others.

    Fernando Báez, who comes from a family with a long cinematic tradition and is a recognized and award-winning director for cinema and television with a marked interest in the conservation of the environment and fostering values, is a member of the Advisory Committee of the Dominican Environmental Film Festival (DREFF) and friend and collaborator of Funglode/GFDD for many years now.

    About Flor de Azúcar
    Dominican Republic 1948-49, in the sugar cane fields of the island the life of 2 peasants couples, one Dominican and the other from Haiti, are crossed in this interesting story. Samuel, a young honest and moral Dominican peasant, faces the injustice of Trujillo’s dictatorship rules. Outraged by the abuse of a group of guards from the oppressive regime; unintentionally, he kills one of its members, event that forces him to flee and leave his wife Elena and children behind. For a whole year he hides in a remote fishing island in the Caribbean Sea where he meets Maria Fernanda a beautiful native widow and her little daughter Maria. In a threat to begin a new relationship, he decides to return to his family but he doesn’t know what terrible things await him.

    About Fernando Báez
    Born in the Dominican Republic January 23, 1957, Báez comes from a long family tradition of photographers and filmmakers. His grandfather, Tuto Báez produced the first full-length film in the Dominican Republic. An extensive list of feature films, documentaries, video clips, commercial campaigns and television programs adorn his career as an award-winning and renowned director with a marked tendency to the preservation of the environment and contents rooted in values. His debut was The King of Najayo in 2012, in 2013 his documentary Lake Enriquillo: Prelude to Climate Change, and this 2016 premieres his much-anticipated feature Flor de Azúcar; he will close the year with Misión Estrella. Báez is the founder of Unicorn Films 1988, the oldest producing company in the country that has served as a school to a considerable number of technicians and professionals in the area. Filmmaking continues to be a family tradition with his 6 children following his steps. Opens the law of incentive to the cinema in his country and since then it has continued to develop several projects for the film.

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