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    Fernando Villalona to Reflect on His Life, Music at New York Dominican Get Together

    Inauguration of Exhibition "Boxes of Life" at Galería 360
    San Cristóbal, June 16, 2016

    The company Yo Amo RD, La Merced Foundation and The Asociación de Empresas Industriales de Herrera (AEIH) has joined in efforts to meet their goals to display social responsibility for teenage boys and girls. And so, the art exhibition ''Boxes of Life,'' was organized and inaugurated in the central hall of Galería 360. Each June 12th, the world celebrates World Day Against Child Labour, and through the campaign "Being Happy! It is the only job that a child should have", La Merced Foundation has prepared a series of activities designed to raise awareness on the rights of children and adolescents in our society.

    The art exhibition "Boxes of Life" is part of the activities of "Week against Child Labour 2016". For this, the artists Kilia Llano, Willy Gómez, Poteleche, Jorge Modafoca, Angurria, Dovente, Leks, Yoel Bordas, Odette Arias, Lizander Jiménez, Eddaviel and Claudia Madera donated their talents and time to create trunks shaped as shoe shiner boxes, a theme related to one of the most seen examples of child labor in our country, the shoeshine boys.

    In the opening ceremony, welcoming remarks were expressed by Rosanna Encarnación, Marketing Manager of Galería 360, and she noted that these works can be seen for 3 weeks in Galería 360. These trunks may be purchased by the public to support the work La Merced Foundation performs.

    The priest Tomas Garcia, Executive Vice President of the La Merced Foundation thanked the artists for their support of the children "because through art, we can change the reality of children that are subjected to work at an age when they should be devoting their time to studies."

    During the schedule of activities, La Merced Foundation, AEIH, and Yo Amo RD "Muralizando", will carry out other complementary activities such as art and mural painting workshop that are taught to the youth of the community of Herrera; embellishment of the facade of Aulas de Esperanza, thanks to the collaboration of the muralists; and face painting workshops for children, on Saturday June 18th from 3 to 5 p.m., in Galería 360.

    About Muralizando Herrera:
    It is an initiative of moral art, in order to capture murals throughout the national territory that arouse the conscience of the Dominicans.

    About La Merced Foundation: Its mission is to prevent and eradicate child labor, domestic or sexual exploitation of children and adolescents, by accompanying them and enabling them to acquire a comprehensive education through the values offered at the Mercedaria congregation, enabling them to contribute to the development of a free, just, and united society through various programs and projects.

    About the Asociación de Empresas Industriales de Herrera, Inc. (AEIH):
    It was established in 1971 with the idea of creating an association that tied together the industries established in Herrera. From this moment, the AEIH has aimed to defend and promote the growth and competitiveness of the Herrera Industrial Zone, a mission that they have continued to pursue to this day. At home, child labor covers 13% of Dominican children Ages 5 to 17. (ONE-ENHOGAR 2014).


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