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    GFDD launches its latest publication “lo dominicano / all things dominican”
    Fernando Villalona to Reflect on His Life, Music at New York Dominican Get Together

    Reto 2016 Registration Now Open: IV Latin American Challenge in Business Simulation for Universities
    New York, February 17, 2016

    Students entering the competition, which will run from March to May 2016, will manage a virtual company, applying and developing their business skills as well as the knowledge they acquired in class. Six of the winners from the 2015 edition (3 from Ecuador, 2 from Mexico and 1 from Portugal) have been taking higher education courses in Spain as a reward for their efforts. In the new edition, organizers are hoping to broaden the number of scholarship students.

    Professors can register their students on the following webpage: www.companygame.com/reto2016.asp. Participation is totally free of charge and will remain open until the March 15th deadline. Spots are limited so Reto recommends signing up as early as possible.

    In previous editions there were more than 3,000 students and 250 universities from 15 countries, making it the best-known business simulation competition in Spain and Latin America.

    One year later, CompanyGame has committed to the internationalization of talent and is inviting universities from all over Latin America to participate in Reto 2016 [Challenge 2016], the most exciting Business Simulator Challenge available in Spanish-speaking universities that currently exists. In view of the current changes to the educational paradigm, business simulators provide a clear advantage over other learning methods by motivating and involving students in a dynamic and innovative activity that can apply and consolidate knowledge learned in the classroom and by promoting learning by discovery. Students are managers in training but also must train and practice! Challenge 2016 introduces students into a future work environment while they are still the students in the classroom.

    Reto 2016 is team competition, in which students must manage a virtual company, applying and developing the entrepreneurial skills and knowledge they acquired in class. Students from Latin American or Spanish speaking universities can participate, taking at least one 5th semester course.

    Reto 2016 runs between March and May of 2016 and is divided into different phases. In a previous phase, students will have access to a simulator in order to become familiar with the tool. Then, in the first phase – the qualifying phase - students must pass the InnovaTech simulator. If they succeed, they will go on to the –competitive, or second phase in which they will compete with each other to try and lead the market; the team that reaches the leadership post after 4 years of management (virtual years), will be proclaimed the winner.

    Students may compete in (in the second phase) in 5 different categories: Business, Marketing, Hospitality, Finance and Banking.

    The competition seeks to highlight and promote student talent, offering them real experience in the working world, which they will soon be entering. The simulators reproduce real cases, enabling them to apply and develop their knowledge and skills. According to the tutor of the winning team in the Banking category of the 2015 edition, “Reto is an excellent tool; students can apply their knowledge of banking and other subjects in a very enriching way.”

    For more information: www.companygame.com/reto2016.asp

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