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    The Children and Youth Library Shows Art Pieces at Literary Bottles Competition
    The Children and Youth Library Shows Art Pieces at Literary Bottles Competition

    The Children and Youth Library Shows Art Pieces at Literary Bottles Competition
    Santo Domingo, 13 de Abril de 2015

    The Children and Youth Library of the Dominican Republic (BIJRD) is currently showing the winning and the runners-up art pieces from this year’s second edition of the Literary Bottles National Competition 2015, at its Doctora Margarita Cedeño de Fernández exhibition hall. The purpose of this competition is to promote reading and good environmental practices.

    The murals in the exhibit have been created from recycled materials by third and fourth year of high school students from both public and private schools. The competition was sponsored by Bepensa and Coca Cola.

    The winners of the competition received their prizes from the hands of the Vice President of the Republic, Dr. Margarita Cedeño de Fernández, during a dynamic event that took place at the front entrance of the BIJRD. The Vice President took advantage of this opportunity to say that creativity is not a competitive sport, but an art that is meant to be shared.

    The pieces that make up the exhibit will continue to be shown until April 24. All these art pieces were created from recycled materials and were inspired by the students’ own interpretations of the literary works of Dominican authors. These pieces have immense artistic value.

    For the Vice President of the Republic, the ability of transforming waste into art, particularly into useful objects, is also a great way of helping care for the planet.

    The participants, who came from 800 different schools from across the country, had the support of their parents, teachers and fellow classmates. At the same time, they learned the importance of recycling and became involved in the literary world.

    The winners of the first place were students from the Centro Educativo San Martín de Porres, who drew inspirations from the poem “No Te Enamores”, written by Martha Rivera Garrido. These students received RD$100,000 pesos as a prize.

    The winners of the second place were students from the Centro Educativo Legado de Gracia, who drew inspiration from the short story “El Príncipe del Mar”, written by Fabio Fiallo. They received a prize of RD$75,000 pesos. Students from the Centro Educativo Los Clavelines won the third place with an art piece that was inspired by the short story “El Pozo”, written by Pedro Peix. They received RD$50,000 pesos as a prize. All of the aforementioned winners were students currently in their third year of high school at their respective schools.

    The students from the following schools received special mentions and a prize of RD$25,000 pesos: students from the Centro Educativo Loyola with the short story “Los Amos”, written by Juan Bosch; students from the Centro Educativo Saint George with the short story “La Puntualidad del Señor Martínez”, by Virgilio Díaz Grullón; and the students from the Centro Educativo Duarte with a piece based on the poem “Una Mujer Está Sola”, by Aida Cartagena Portalatín.

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