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    Doppelmoppel Jazz Band in Concert
    Doppelmoppel Jazz Band in Concert

    Doppelmoppel Jazz Band in Concert
    Santo Domingo, February 25th, 2015

    On Wednesday, March 4, the Doppelmoppel Jazz Band will arrive in the Dominican Republic from Germany, for a single presentation at the musical-cultural space The Galleries at Las Terrazas del Mesón de la Cava.

    The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, in cooperation with the Goethe Institut, Jazz en Dominicana, invite to the special concert that is to delight the palates of all lovers of jazz, music and culture in general.

    Doppelmoppel is a music band that has no equal in the European Jazz scene; it is unique and highly innovative and unprecedented. Brothers Konrad and Johannes Bauer (trombone) formed a band, without bass and drums, together with guitarists Uwe Kropinski and Helmut "Joe" Sachse. The quartet has to be among the pioneers of modern improvisation in Germany.

    Let’s meet the members of Doppelmoppel:
    Konrad "Conny" Bauer is one of the most renowned trombonists in Europe. Starting in the early 70’s, after completing his musical studies in Dresden and Berlin, he founded and launched several music bands that influenced the development of jazz in the former GDR, such as "Doppelmoppel" and "Zentralquartett". His way of playing can be described as virtuous, technically perfect and well thought out.

    Johannes Bauer, during his studies in Berlin he was playing trombone in bands close to Manfred Schulze, and since 1979 has been dedicated exclusively to improvised music. A longstanding collaboration links him to Peter Brötzmann, Jan Rose, Fred Van Hove, Barry Guy and many other musicians of the international scene. His playing style is strong, rough, the tones pushing their limit until turning into sounds. He exemplifies an attractive contrast to his brother Konrad.

    Helmut "Joe" Sachse, after his studies at the University of Music of Weimar played guitar in various projects together with Manfred Schulz, and since the mid 70’s formed his own music bands. Soon he developed his outstanding personal style, fusing different influences of Jazz, Rock and contemporary improvised music. He has played with Carmell Jones, Leo Wright, Mighty Flea Conners, Charlie Mariano, John Tchicai, John Marshall, David Moss, Peter Brötzmann, Tony Oxley, Jack Bruce, Han Bennink, Albert Mangelsdorff and Georg Levis, among others. His playing style has earned him nicknames: The Jimi Hendrix of jazz guitar & The high priest and wizard of electric guitar.

    Uwe Kropinski began as a guitarist playing in various rock bands and later, at the end of his studies at the University of Music of Berlin in 1977, he fell in love with Jazz. At the same time, he studied classical guitar and then switched to acoustics. He reached an outstanding level of virtuosity with his percussive tap on the body of the guitar. In addition to his work with Doppelmoppel, he founded his own quartet in 1981 and offered solo recitals. Since the 90s he has worked a lot with David Friesen in several music bands.

    Doppelmoppel on YouTube:
    Doppelmoppel - Geburtstagskonzert 3 Mar 2012 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=566DFh6O650
    Doppelmoppel - Live at the Ujbuda Jazz festival, Budapest, Hungary, 2007 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKus9HII23k
    Conrad "Conny" Bauer at the second concert 9th International Jazz and Live Music Get-together- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFewYBjhtqk

    2007 - Outside this area
    1998 - Aventure Québécoise
    1986 - Reflections

    Technical Information:
    Doppelmoppel from Germany in Concert
    Date: Wednesday, March 4
    Time: 8:30 pm
    Location: Las Terrazas del Mesón de la Cava
    Address: Avenida Sur Mirador No.1
    Cost: Free Admission
    Information & Reservations: 809-930-1840 and cel. 829-586-9177

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